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  1. I kept hearing the rumblings, and I had seen people here respond to my post about Scream Team before, but I guess I thought it was all still just made up. BOY WAS I WRONG! I found video of them wrecking face in the tournament championship! This was, of course, before the game was broken and you could actually play it competitively. Man. This crew really effed shit up in their day. Revolutionized the game. Enjoy everyone!
  2. Wow that sound amazeballs. Looks like you guyz really revolutionized the game and stomped some n00bs. I know there's tournaments and stuff going on now and I hear some of those teams want a crack at you guys, but it looks like Scream Team has jack shit to prove. Good on you guys!
  3. Haven't played in a long time but wanted to stop by here to check on this legend going around that I keep hearing about. Some ppl are telling stories way back when about this big tournament that had a trophy and everything and there was this squad called Scream Team that wrecked the hell out of everyone. Like that they started the tank trapping strat and splitting Jason at objectives. I've lurked the forums but haven't seen or heard much about them. Is this even real? I know the game is in kind of a broken state right now but it's cool to think about a time when that kinda 5D chess was going on. Anywayz, just thought I'd shout out here and see if anyone had info. Peaceout.
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