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    i like horror games like 7 days to die, resident evil, dying light, dead by daylight etc. i also like zombie games cause they are the best

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  1. HELL


    I just started maybe a week ago I play on xbox 1and I love this game. I cant stop playing this game, and stopped playing all my other games and just play f13 when I have the chance. I may need help, but Im fine I think. I forgot to make this last week but I made it now so I guess that works. My IGN on XBOX is: SelectiveNexus Just dm if you want to play together or say your ign on here or whatever
  2. I usually see people being brandon and deborah team. So deborah would fix car and brandon would protect her.
  3. I got this game on xbox last week and I havent stopped playing since then it is my fav game and it probably wont leave that spot for a while. I dont know what makes me want to play but it is just fun and I cant stop..... I think I might need help.
  4. would it be like different kill ways. There also wouldnt be many ways to kill people with a knife. Also what if you have kill ways but need that particular weapon to do it and you dont have it what happens, do you just keep hitting with the knife until there dead.
  5. Dont the rules say treat people the way you wanna be treated no need to be rude NytmereZ NO need to disrespect people who are trying to help
  6. do you have any tips for people who glitch on top of roof and your jason and cant kill them??
  7. The worst one I ever had was when my game wouldnt save and everytime I would die I would restart from the last place I started when i started the game which was annoying did it about five times. Couple trys later havent died for 3 hours and then I do and i start right from where I last started which was annoying I almosyt broke my freakin xbox
  8. I was reading and it said it lets the player know when it uses stalk if your to close. How will I know if im far enough away
  9. Can anyone give me tips on how to be a better jason, because I usually only get 4 kills out of an full game
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