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  1. This game was awesome during the beta days. Hd textures foliage looked good even the lighting. After even Jason's animations when he would run and walk. It looks horrible now. I know nothing can be done to fix it however I'd just like to ask. Were the graphics downgraded? If so why?
  2. Yes. I don't understand why we need a time limit. It's pointless
  3. In single player challenge 2 when aj goes out with Mitch she never gets the lights fixed . So if I were to attack them I'd get spotted. They should make sure she gets the lights on at least or return back to her spot. Also they should turn off the time
  4. Is there anyway they can put Victoria in the virtual cabin 2.0
  5. Is there any way to speak to the developer himself
  6. Well why do we need one? Hitman doesn't have one the mission ends once you're spotted. Time limits you. Maybe I want to stalk longer hear what counselors say, or just watch them do funny things the point is simple we don't need one. Gun please remove it.
  7. Would removing time limit from single player challenges be considered content?
  8. I see but does Victor Miller currently hold those rights?
  9. http://chng.it/XBCRRGCMtSWe the fans make Friday the 13th what it is. This is our Game And together we'll bring it back.
  10. Ok so after reading the verdict in regards to Horror inc. VS. Victor Miller it seems the judge gave Miller the rights over all of the characters in the original film. Not over Jason himself. What does this have to do with this game? The kills, the maps and Jason himself. I see no reason why production needed to stop. This game was already giving the greenlight before the trail took place. I'm sorry .
  11. So what about the money I spent on emotes for my counselors? Like these are things they should have thought about before making this game. I supported this game since day 1 and I'm really shocked at the lack of care these devs have for us. Lawsuit or no lawsuit at least try and use what resources you have to satisfy those who made this game happen. No excuse at all. And to top it all off these devs pushed a bunch of ultimate editions knowing this game was far from a finished product. The nerve.
  12. Hello devs I just have one question and I think it's one that hasn't been answered. What happens to this game after servers stop? How will we be able to play as counselors? This needs to be addressed.
  13. I have a question for the devs why can't Jason pick up his mask?in the the movie jason always tends to pick up his mask I think that allowing Jason to pick up his mask makes it a lot harder for counselors to kill him everybody wants to see a Jason buff and I think that the biggest buff that we could add due to the fact that we can't add any more content would be for Jason to be able to pick up his mask and place it back on his face
  14. K2345

    So devs..hmm.

    I get it however couldn't they giv us more single player challenges? Those resources are already in the game just code more challenges
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