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  1. No you are miss understanding what I'm saying, if Jason kills you, yes you are dead; for the moment...but you can be 'rescued/revived' by other counselors, but I was saying that if Jason hangs you or nail you to the door etc like how he does in the movies, the 'rescue/revive' mini game for the counselor that's bringing you back into the game would be much more difficult, think Vanessa trying to repair the battery...if Jason just kills you and leaves your body there, well, you can be revived by another counselor much easier; think Tommy repairing the battery.
  2. I understand your concern but I feel there has to be something done to keep people playing the game, it's a game not the movies, I've thought about the idea that Jason could carry the bodies and hang them or nail them to doors like how he does in the movies after they are killed and this could make it harder for counselors to respawn or be rescued, like if Jason nail a dead body to the door or hangs them after he has killed them, the counselor cant respawn and has to be rescued and the rescuing counselor has to complete one of those difficult mini-games like when they are fixing the car's battery, just a thought
  3. I dont think so, because they are probably what kept players playing games like Dead by Daylight (which is vastly inferior to F13 when it comes to a good time) and the new Last Year game
  4. They could def increase the number of ways to escape, but fact is the wait time for the next match to start can be up to 19 minutes; if you are unlucky enuff to be killed in the first minute, and this imo is were a big problem lies, that's why I said rescuing dead counselors like in Last Year or just having them respawn would fix that because you would keep player doing what they came to do which is play and taking away the survive the night angle would be the only way to balance that out, because if counselors can keep being rescued or they keep respawning, how does Jason win...well Jason HAS to kill you and the counselors have to escape, and there of course could be more points added every time Jasom gets a kill, etc, but there's many solutions we just gotta come up with one
  5. The not being able to survive the night was just one of many possible counter balances to counselors either being able to be rescued or respawning which in and of itself is a fix for players leaving because of the long wait times after being killed, and I myself am not a fan of Jason not being able to be stunned while in Rage, I've always advocated for Jason gettin more melee attacks to deal with a crowd of attacking counselors, like the ability to back hand a counselor across the room/street, which would leave them limping, or grabbing a counselor and tossing them, there are many solutions but something has to be done, I feel within my heart that the dev's dont want to abandon the game, but...
  6. Something--has--to--be--done, something has to change in order to save this game. Because I truly believe it can be saved.
  7. Again it's this type of close minded thinking that has cause so many players to leave, and no one seems to get it
  8. Sorry but at this point this game cant afford not to "miss" any players
  9. I guess you missed the part were I said I too was a very loyal fan. I've seen the Victor Miller interview....he won the lawsuit....and he was not opposed to adding new content to the game AND Gun has said that regardless of whether Horror Inc won or not, they were not adding new content, so that seems more like a "there isn't nearly enough money being earned from this product, we're done" statement, and that all goes back to players leaving....
  10. Another fact is the majority of players when this game was at its peak during the summer of 2017, didnt joint this forum nor any of the F13thegame pages on Facebook or the official one on Twitter, they just played the game and had to suffer because a few hundred of the most loyal fans whom made up the minority of the games total playerbase, constantly bickered (when they lost) to the dev's on these sites....
  11. Of course I'm a troll because I think differently than you...smh, so what would be your solution? How would you save Friday the 13th? Please...do tell. And yes I joined 6 hours ago. I actually was here over a year ago but left this forum because of the close mindedness of the people here, and I KNEW I KNEW that all that crying and complaining to the dev's which caused them to change their game... would ultimately leave the people whom play this game as nothing but the few absolute loyal fans, which I am myself, but from a business standpoint, I stand by my theory I had then which was if the dev's catered the mechanics of the game to the complaining few, the majority would leave....and that's EXACTLY what has happened.
  12. Bottomline is, in order to bring the devs/new content back, we need to bring money back, in order to bring money back, we have to bring players back, and...here it is in--order--to--bring--players--baaaack...SOMETHING...HAS...TO...CHAAAANGE....now I know that there are people who are terrified of change, BUT, that's just the way its gotta be.
  13. Uum, did you NOT read my post I CLEARLY said, one solution could be to have counselors "rescue" dead counselors OR simply have them respond.....did I not type that in the original post???
  14. And it's this type of thinking that's causing this game's playerbase to drop drastically! I'm sorry idc what you say nobody wants to wait for up to 19 minutes (assuming Jason Kills you in the first minute) for the next round and players should NOT have to leave a lobby to find another match simply because they was killed, come on think FORWARDS NOT BACKWARDS, obviously the mechanics of this game have not done it ANY justice because if it did, players would still be around, money would still be rolling in and the dev's would still be willing to add content, so....
  15. "think a better way to go about it would be for the dead counselors to re spawn on their own map and have mini games available to them. Maybe car races, boat races, maybe even a free for all battle between all of the dead counselors....."............WHAT??
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