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  1. honking at jason is a must. i mean... that MF tried to kill me!
  2. same. i spawn in for action, not to make sure everybodys butt isnt hurt by a video game. they will learn & if they have any interest in the game, they will continue to play. i frown apon the verbal harrassment, but that problem is solved with the push of a button. the mute button. so please, mute those A-holes.
  3. just dont let young tommy cut the cake... die! die! die! die!
  4. small maps just make for a faster game in most cases. thats the appeal for me. i play the maps in the order of the movies then alternate between the small maps. if it was higgins large last time, i do higgins small next time it comes up in the order.
  5. at the very least, it can be funny as hell when it looks like jason shuved them to death.. symbolizing they are a push over.
  6. like the boat kills glitch. i gotta over 400 of them bad boys total during that period of time. i didnt think about that factor, good point.
  7. i have an ajenda the first few minutes, tipically before i get shift. breaking key area doors, grabbin knives & trappin'. as long as nobody fucks with me during that time or i dont hear any fixin going on, they are somewhat safe. so i agree with ya, its mainly the fact they try to boss me around with their rules. "HEY no spawn ki---" ah, much better.
  8. i cant stand that either. NO slashing! NO spawn killing! NO killing until jason has shift! its like damn. can jason be a cold blooded murderer please? i asked a group once, "so if i cant kill anybody until i got shift, can the counsolers fix anything before that?" they laughed like i was crazy. "of course they can fix things while jason isnt allowed to kill anybody!" i vanished like a ninja.
  9. usually its me or this other guy on host, because we got the best connection in our group. im not really opposed to switching host to whoever jason is tho, unless their connection isnt as good. i dont mind playing as jason off host either. its not as smooth, but i manage. one catch i should mention is if you are new & another one of our long time memebers gets online, you may get the boot. nothing personal of course, & i know its a drag, but some of us have been playing together for years. PM gamertag if youd rather be added instead of being the adder. give it a try, dont like it after a few games, no big deal. its better than keeping your fingers crossed for a good lobby in a public game at least. a 24 hour nightmare of terror.
  10. @Laotian Lam one thing i cant stand is when they spam ready up. now that its back to P2P, it will crash the game, aside from it being annoying as hell. we try & try to get host when we dont have enough for private, finally get host, then some dickface spams ready up & crashes the damn game. thing is, alot of those spam ready uppers will duck out under a bed almost as soon as the round begins.. WTF oh & also, jimbo is my favorite character by far.
  11. add me on xbox. most nights we need to fill 1 or 2 spots if we want a private match. its good healthy wholesome friday the 13th action. always hitting objectives, always going for the big kill, can be a real challenge being jason at times too. my eta is usually around 10 or 11 central. glowing ooze & friends want YOU to play.
  12. thats awesome. i wish i wouldve thought of that a long time ago.. its definatly something i have done in the past with games. i used to keep track of the title history for SvsR 2006 with my sophisticated computer technology.
  13. my thing is, why include broken doors?? only going with 4 stats & broken doors is one of them? should be survived.. car, boat, ect all included. it also upsets me that other platforms dont have stats too.
  14. there has to be somebody out there with more than 300 days.. im with ya tho, id like to see the worldwide leaderboard or whatever.. i just dont think it exists or is possible. i really would like to have had more stats, especially times escaped, & times killed jason.
  15. ive played a staggering 5,668 hours & 8 minutes as of today. killed 26,667 counselors. died a pathetic 8,764 times as counselor. even tho, i havent cared about surviving since i hit 150. its all about having fun now. oh & ive broken down 29,964 doors... woopty doo. screen shot wont upload, even tho ive uploaded a screenshot here before.. so youll have to take my word for it until i get it figured out. ( i probably wont) whos got more hours than me? huh?? lol
  16. speedo chad looks like he is wearing a rubber skin suit & is about 1 second away from yanking the cord out the wall.
  17. i liked gathering them all up & slashing them to death all at once LOL
  18. good luck.. im interested to see what ya can dig up.
  19. @Somethin Cool thanks as always. ive been waiting to hear your thoughts about this CS change. im going to try this exit during the swing thing later.
  20. one last time to patch it UP!! thanks once again for serving up some good ol' friday the 13th. grotesque silhouette! spaghetti & ham!
  21. thanks for such an ACTION PACKED thread. just tell the mrs: "2 for 1 sale, pal!" i recently preordered the grady twins from the toony terrors line. do i have room for them? nope.
  22. i think its worth your time for sure. great idea! thanks for sharing.
  23. play with jason rules.. the guy can play jason while wearing a bag with one eyehole. why would you want to ban a guy who plays the game in full jason costume? i am actualy very upset that you would try to get him banned.. just for using jason X offline??? what other rules do you think he breaks? ive never seen him doing anything dishonorable..
  24. you are correct. tinker isnt a perk worth holding on to. it only speeds up the time it takes to repair. a skill that no repair character needs, & a skill that will only make it harder for non repair characters. hang on the aquanot tho.. mix that with legend motorboating & legend marathon, slap it on vanessa & go put aquaman to shame (or more than he is already) i got 45% swim speed total on vanessa, & it is bad ass.. it doesnt help that much, its just cool as hell cuz she goes FLYIN in the water. im using this as an example of perks that while not as useful, are very cool to try to max out. like legend grease monkey, lead foot, & speed demon, all have car speed increase. i put that all on chad. he cranks the car up super fast, then with those perks combined im cruising hardcore at 30% car speed. i think its 30%, maybe more.. i dont remember what i got for that off the top of my head, but you get the idea. sneaky is another underrated perk imo, evasion as well. im pretty damn good with combat stance, so that perk treats me well. although, now with the lag & delay on cs, not so much.. scout, escape artist, heavy mover, man at arms, adrenaline rush, tinker, quite swimmer, easy listening, all i would say can get the boot.
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