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  1. @Somethin Cool thanks as always. ive been waiting to hear your thoughts about this CS change. im going to try this exit during the swing thing later.
  2. one last time to patch it UP!! thanks once again for serving up some good ol' friday the 13th. grotesque silhouette! spaghetti & ham!
  3. thanks for such an ACTION PACKED thread. just tell the mrs: "2 for 1 sale, pal!" i recently preordered the grady twins from the toony terrors line. do i have room for them? nope.
  4. i think its worth your time for sure. great idea! thanks for sharing.
  5. play with jason rules.. the guy can play jason while wearing a bag with one eyehole. why would you want to ban a guy who plays the game in full jason costume? i am actualy very upset that you would try to get him banned.. just for using jason X offline??? what other rules do you think he breaks? ive never seen him doing anything dishonorable..
  6. you are correct. tinker isnt a perk worth holding on to. it only speeds up the time it takes to repair. a skill that no repair character needs, & a skill that will only make it harder for non repair characters. hang on the aquanot tho.. mix that with legend motorboating & legend marathon, slap it on vanessa & go put aquaman to shame (or more than he is already) i got 45% swim speed total on vanessa, & it is bad ass.. it doesnt help that much, its just cool as hell cuz she goes FLYIN in the water. im using this as an example of perks that while not as useful, are very cool to try to max out. like legend grease monkey, lead foot, & speed demon, all have car speed increase. i put that all on chad. he cranks the car up super fast, then with those perks combined im cruising hardcore at 30% car speed. i think its 30%, maybe more.. i dont remember what i got for that off the top of my head, but you get the idea. sneaky is another underrated perk imo, evasion as well. im pretty damn good with combat stance, so that perk treats me well. although, now with the lag & delay on cs, not so much.. scout, escape artist, heavy mover, man at arms, adrenaline rush, tinker, quite swimmer, easy listening, all i would say can get the boot.
  7. maybe the next patch for pc includes a coupon for Friday The 13th: The Game on your choice of console.. this is crazy.. all the wacky shit this game has gone thru, to end up here in video game hell with tommy tornados. i do really feel bad for the good folks on PC. its such bullshit, this is such a great game.. friday the 13th, a title that has proven to be cursed in any format it graces..
  8. i like his ability to heartlessly gouge someones eyes out.
  9. happens to me all the time off host. happens most often at jarvis/pinehurst. are you saying the prompt doesnt appear sometimes because youre host? like a connection issue?
  10. trying to start the boat, & the damn thing isnt showing you the prompt? rotate your camera around so its aimed at the front your character while youre on the boat. the prompt shall then appear. also, when ya get out of the car, tap the action button a few times to unlock your items/weapons when it gets jammed up. just dont be too close to the car door when you do so. much easier than dropping your weapon to break the interaction lock. works on xbox. not sure about the other platforms.
  11. if anybody can produce one of the all time classic horror titles & do it video game justice, its gun media. that i can say with all confidence. although, my honest opinion is, i hope they are working on their own title. a brand new, original concept for the story, characters, ect. a original horror villian with their own backstory. the connection to the classic horror we all know & love would be thru the people they work with on the game. the music composer, the motion actors, the concept artists, they can all be horror icons, just as they did with F13 hiring the likes of tom savini, jazz soloist harry manfredini, and kane hodder. this way, they can avoid most problems they had with friday the 13th. they will also own the rights to their own character, adding to the vaule of their own company. gun has an oppertunity to create what could possibly become their own classic series in horror history. after the exposure they had from producing a big name like friday the 13th, now would be the time for an original piece of work.
  12. after reveiwing these threads and the podcast in question, and now that im done crying, id like to share a few thoughts i had.. this is not meant to be a denial fest, or a defend gun media party, nor is it meant to accuse any wrong doing, just some thoughts.. first i'll start out with a few quotes.. i found the statements begining at 1:02:19 where ronnie hobbs says: "the hardest part was the fact that we knew things might change, (because of lawsuit)and we had to rush out DLC, while also trying to fix the game" i find these next quotes very interesting: "you dont just get paid day one when your game sells" "we couldnt even hire new people, we were out of money by the time we shipped the game" "so you cant even ramp up support" "our guys were killing themselves" (trying to finish DLC in time) so here is my theory: they were out of money, & according to ronnie, it would be about 90 days after the games release before they saw any profit from the game. they had a ton of bug problems as we all know, plus now a looming deadline to finish the DLC, no money for a 90 day period to hire more people and ramp up production, and an already exhasted dev team as it was. so, was the scam they allegedly pulled off for personal gain? or was it to keep the game alive? it seems like this 90 day period of time waiting for profits was a huge problem. what if they cooked up this scam as a way to come up with the rest of the money they needed? may 26 2017 was the games release date. july 19 2017, the ebay scammer account was created. so the account was created during this 90 day period hobbs spoke about during the podcast. is this the reason they betrayed the community's trust? because they were screwed money wise & didnt have the time to waste before profits came in considering this new deadline? of course, this does not justify their actions in any case, but you cant always do the right thing, given a desperate situation.. again, this is just a theory, & i am not trying to defend gun media here.. these are just some thoughts i had after listening to ronnie. overall, one way or another, i am disappointed in any dirty deeds.. what do YOU think??
  13. god damn ps4 & its better graphics & connection.... 😁
  14. @Spottedfeather dont we all. more offline options would be great. however, this will never happen. if you do make a friend that would like to pratice or just mess around as counselor, you can do so in a private match. this is really your only option as far as that goes. take my word for it, make friends. you can add me if youre on xbox, same goes for anybody else. we play every night. no funny stuff..... ; )
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