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  1. i wanna play as loomis. i wanna go full loomis on somebody.. anybody! 😂
  2. umm talking about wes & crazy DLC.... where the unholy hell is @Strigoi ??? c'mon man, lay it on us. i enjoy your off the wall posts!
  3. seems like ya go on a jason drought every once in a while. then it just starts raining jason turns down on ya. thats what happenes to me anyways.. just last night, was picked as jason at least 5 times. at one point, i was picked as jason but some ASSHOLE crashed the lobby by spamming ready up before the round began. soon as the game started, it froze. so we load up again, & guess what? gave me my jason match back. THEN i got jason the next match as well. needless to say, i was thrilled, & not going to question the games desisions. another time, my friend got jason all weekend long. like twice in a row constantly, every other match, ect.. then it even flooded over to monday. i couldnt believe it. started up monday with my jaw on the floor. WTF dude!?, i pleaded.
  4. ok, i pretended it in there. i'll be coughing up the $60 or whatever for sure. evil dead is my jam. looking forward to playing as scotty. she's YOUR girlfriend, you take care of her!
  5. have ya ever played retro city rampage? this is basicly what you are discribing. its got knock off 80s movie characters & what not. its like one of the early top veiw GTA games.. i had it on wii. speaking of halloween games.. i want a side scrolling beat em up/shooter where ya play as doctor loomis. you fight a cast of horror classics, kinda like castlevania, with michael being the final boss. i just wanna play as doctor loomis in a ridicuals game. thatd be sweeet. im still waiting on my playable @Strigoi DLC, gun media.. whats the hold up? DONT MAKE FUN OF MY POST EITHER! as much as i like halloween, id rather have a nightmare on elm street game, in the style of silent hill. not multiplayer, but just a single player story game. the game would trick you where ya wouldnt always know if you were awake of asleep. one of the side quests would be to find all of freddy's bones, like in the nes game. so many things you could do with nightmare on elm street, since the dream world would be involved.. what about the evil dead game? im excited about that beauty..
  6. what if any one of these super heros killed jason..but then... they eat his heart!!?!? then jason would be body hopping from hero to hero, shaving their facial hair & continuing his murder spree, possibly using each heros powers.. huh? what about that?? 😂
  7. @tyrant666 i just wanna say, its not like friday the 13th was the most serious movie series in the first place. even in the first movie, you had a guy fooling around dressed as a native american doing a rain dance. kinda like a dancing debra in a bunny suit. i get what ya mean, tho. id rather have seen DLC that was less silly. like paranoia would have been much better than a prom gimmick. thanks for pointing this interveiw out. i'll have to take a look some time.
  8. honking at jason is a must. i mean... that MF tried to kill me!
  9. same. i spawn in for action, not to make sure everybodys butt isnt hurt by a video game. they will learn & if they have any interest in the game, they will continue to play. i frown apon the verbal harrassment, but that problem is solved with the push of a button. the mute button. so please, mute those A-holes.
  10. just dont let young tommy cut the cake... die! die! die! die!
  11. small maps just make for a faster game in most cases. thats the appeal for me. i play the maps in the order of the movies then alternate between the small maps. if it was higgins large last time, i do higgins small next time it comes up in the order.
  12. at the very least, it can be funny as hell when it looks like jason shuved them to death.. symbolizing they are a push over.
  13. like the boat kills glitch. i gotta over 400 of them bad boys total during that period of time. i didnt think about that factor, good point.
  14. i have an ajenda the first few minutes, tipically before i get shift. breaking key area doors, grabbin knives & trappin'. as long as nobody fucks with me during that time or i dont hear any fixin going on, they are somewhat safe. so i agree with ya, its mainly the fact they try to boss me around with their rules. "HEY no spawn ki---" ah, much better.
  15. i cant stand that either. NO slashing! NO spawn killing! NO killing until jason has shift! its like damn. can jason be a cold blooded murderer please? i asked a group once, "so if i cant kill anybody until i got shift, can the counsolers fix anything before that?" they laughed like i was crazy. "of course they can fix things while jason isnt allowed to kill anybody!" i vanished like a ninja.
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