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  1. Oliva

    Comfort Food

    Nice choice. I would add anything with meat like meat pizza or pepperoni. If it's homemade it's a bit healthier, am I right? 😆 Besides, I've seen some good pizza recipes on pizzaovenradar, it's time for test.
  2. Same here. I have two cats and a dog, they all are rescues from local shelters and they all are, of course, mixed breeds. The cats are tabbies of 3 and 6 years old, and the dog, Spark, is a 8-year old mixed retriever. He's actually quite a big boy and sometimes he eats to much, but you can't say no to this fellow. And I'm glad I've found an article by Britta Thygesen. Gonna revive this thread because why not. It's better than making the new one, sorry if that's too necro.
  3. Hey there. Me and my friends are planning to rent a real cabin in the woods for the upcoming Halloween. Here's the photo how the house looks like. We're planning to stay there for a few days and that's the first time I ever rent something. I need advice what items should I take with me there. Obviously, I'm planning to buy a bug zapper, extra clothes,some food and horror blu-rays. Should I get a blanket with me? What am I missing?
  4. You're right. I would eat my leg if my girlfriend got me such a present. She's not really into geek stuff and horror movies, she watched only Paranormal Activity and Saw movies with me. But at least I know what presents she usually wants, for example, something like this. But at least she has good musical taste and she got me some good vinyls.
  5. The poster looks so old-school, I like it.
  6. Once I threw my gamepad against the wall during Dark Souls 3 run and it bounced off and hit me in the head... Next time right after I found this place with slime rancher free download my girlfriend saw this and said it's a childish game! Yeah, I play hardcore stuff mostly and she knows it, but then she caught me playing this... I was so embarrassed...
  7. Oliva


    Hello everyone. Just started playing and I'm enjoying it a lot.
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