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  1. Have you fixed the roof glitch? Have you fixed the spawning as random Counselor? Have you fixed the "panting" glitch? Have you fixed the car from exploding after being hit with a knife? I know it's a smaller team, but come on. 6 months should be MORE then enough time to get a little more out than that.
  2. I made a few outfits, now I want to see which one I should use lol. Cool Blue Old School T.V. Queen Bee Spearmint EDIT: Phew...
  3. I can only laugh at this comment. Calling someone an asshole for no apparent reason. How incredibly clever and thought out 🙄 I never once turned to insults here. My first post in the thread was pointing out how toxic everyone was being, and posting facts about the playerbase. And all I get in return is: "Try not being an asshole"
  4. And you don't have to reply to my posts if you don't like them 🤷‍♂️ It's hard to have a discussion here, when the first thing they reply with is a hidden insult. I try to engage in normal discussions about the game, but it doesn't even seem worth it. I never once made it seem like I'm trying to start a flamewar. I've stayed mostly civil. I'm not calling people stupid, or pussies.
  5. Sounds about right. Some of these guys would make perfect candidates for the WoW forums. Trying to be clever when calling someone stupid (when clearly they aren't), and being extremely condescending. IMO, this thread should have been locked before it started, it's a bait thread that's just screaming for a flamewar. The OP literally called people "pussies" because they can't 1v1 Jason 🙄
  6. Running Jasons are extremely fast. Pro Tip: Only Chad, Vanessa and Tommy can actually out-jog a running Jason. Any other Counselor has to burn stamina by sprinting. And walking Jasons normally have a skill to help with being slower. Like extra knives, better Shift, or Destruction. The point of skills like Shift are to deal with faster counselors. That's why they are there. They have such short cooldowns, there is no point in saving them. So why would it matter if you have to use a skill to catch them? If that's your argument, then Jason should just move faster, but Shift should be removed.
  7. That's the funny thing actually lol. That video is legit. It 100% looks like a hack though, considering the range. Which is why it got nerfed. Even when they reverted that nerf, they didn't revert it back to the original range. I also agree with your other points. Jason is overpowered right now. He was massively overpowered after they buffed his speed by about 45% (so much for a slight increase to speed, eh?). And then if counselors ever do get a buff, it gets reverted, then a huge nerf on top of that. Like that stupid campfire update that gave counselors like 8 pocketknives and 500 med sprays (VERY stupid buff to add). They reverted that buff, but then took out an extra knife, half the sprays and a butt load of the weapons.
  8. Like you said yourself, the only troll here is you. And yes, you guys ARE toxic. A mod had to come in and tell you all to piss off. It was only what? 2 pages in and a mod had to come? 🙄
  9. I know, riiiiight? This is what happens when you combine a juice head, with a keyboard warrior. I feel bad for his parents.
  10. I guess that's why you like these forums so much then.
  11. It's hard to have a normal discussion with a juice head =/ Oh well. At least I know they won't listen to you though, and they won't be giving him that grab back. If you think it was "perfect" it really doesn't matter, because it won't be coming back. And even if for some reason it does, that'll just kill whatever playerbase might be left at that point. Jason already gets so many free handouts. The devs would actually have a pretty decent game if they stepped away from these forums and made their own decisions.
  12. You're still not grabbing someone from 6 feet away, sorry bud. And if that's your argument, then how would that translate to Jason? He didn't lean forward really. He puts his arm out, and sticks his butt out. This was not "perfect".
  13. If you have a 6 foot grab, then that would mean you were about 10 feet tall. I can bet you thought it was okay for Jason to block bear traps and ranged weapons too 🙄 @Slasher_Clone The site I posted about playerbase would probably show players throughout the day, and not just at peak times. And even if it didn't, that Abad guy makes a very weak argument if he uses the playerbase at like 4 in the morning, considering they were talking about peak times. He is also very toxic in the Steam forums. Granted, many people are there (less then they are here though, that's for sure). And if you are really THAT blind to Counselor nerfs, I really don't have anything to say to you. Other than yes, you guys really are THAT toxic.
  14. His grab was not quicker. It had a 6 foot range. I can show you a video of it. That's not fun, and has nothing to do with "punishing mistakes". That grab was completely broken. Blocking, and combat in general needs a rework. And stun immunity was a step in the very wrong direction. Items and FF were both to deal with trolls. It was getting to the point where someone would sprint to the rifle just so they could take another player out for no reason. Then go hide items in the woods.
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