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  1. Was playing last nite as counselor and as Jason and the game was acting super weird. My counselor would open and lock doors SUPER fast and also the same thing when opening drawers. Jason could not do his constant chop to take out doors, couldn’t do grabs..everything was just way off....I’m used to to super smooth gameplay and this was awful, I had to quit playing....anyone else experienced this ?
  2. Anyone want to help me farm some XP tonite?
  3. I don’t understand why people think glitch cheating counts as winning or surviving. It’s probably the LAMEST thing I have ever seen and don’t understand how anyone could achieve any level of satisfaction from playing that way. If Jason catches me and kills me I say “dammit, good shit” and accept that I just got outplayed in the match and on to the next one. I mean have some pride about yourself. I have better things to do than spend a whole match standing on a roof or a rock having a dance off. Nothing sucks worse than waiting to play as Jason all nite and then once you finally get your time to shine, these cowards wanna do that dumb shit. LAMES PLEASE GO FLUSH YOUR CONTROLLER IN A SHIT FILLED TOILET.
  4. I agree totally. I do not take part in Jason bullying personally. It’s just too easy and boring to team up and beat the crap outta Jason that it’s almost become as lame as glitch cheaters. I’d rather go solo lone wolf and try and survive, it’s way harder and more of a challenge. glitch cheaters by far are the worst. Why even play?? If Jason hunts me down and kills me then I say “good shit” and take it, I was outplayed and it happens. But glitching to survive, to me, is a loss in my book. All of them know who they are, get a life, take some risks, play the game as intended and quit wasting Jason’s time. I hate when I wait all nite to be Jason only to be glitched out of kills. It’s lame and people who do it are the lowest form of gamer
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