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  1. @HaHaTrumpWon what servers do you play on? I’m guessing it’s not EU... i mean unless I’m just super unlucky, this must be a regional thing. The only reasons I do repair are that if I don’t nobody else will. Jason doesn’t usually morph, even if I mess up the phone fuse. Probably something to do with the fact almost all lobbies I’m in are level 0-30. Of course I try to get good repair counsellors to do it, drop parts for them or leave them at objectives. But this only sometimes works. The amount of times I’ve dropped the phone fuse for someone, only for them to do nothing with it and then die is unreal. I’m not saying that you can’t have a decent game with low level players, but most of the ones I come across seem to have no idea what they’re doing... I’ll find them all locked in the bathroom ‘hiding’... like come on guys, maybe come out and try to actually do something! Well I’m glad that it’s had these positive outcomes in your, and many others experiences; I’d love to agree but it just hasn’t been like that for me unfortunately. It seems like Rage has been a lot more positive a change for people than I knew. Hopefully we’ll all find some common ground. It’s a real shame I don’t get to play games with people like yourselves- I know everyone has to learn, but I think the amount of games I’ve played where literally nobody does anything has skewered my experience. I always have hope things will improve though!
  2. Shelly’s “Help, he’s coming” gets me every single time 😂
  3. @TimDuke 01 this is exactly what I’m saying! A lot of issues come from this. Yes, Jason needed changes. But my worry is that inexperience made too large of a contribution to the implentation of Rage. When I say Jason needed changes, I do so as someone who killed all counsellors virtually every single match. If you’re saying Jason needed changes simply because you rarely managed to kill all counsellors... No. That’s not fair.
  4. I couldn't figure out how to quote sections on my phone, but think I've got it sorted now! It's very true that what one person finds fun, another doesn't; I guess a balance must be found within limits of how the creators designed the game to be played (i.e. no trolling). This is also true, but I still think there's a very big aspect of skill/experience involved. A new Jason is very easy to troll, I've yet to see a good Jason allow himself to be trolled. When I play counsellor, I end up surviving the night almost every game, unless I escape. This is relatively easy to do against a lower level Jason, much harder and more challenging (but also more fun!), against an experienced player. I've been called awful names in game chat and rage-quit on without provocation so many times, simply because Jason couldn't kill me and I wouldn't willingly surrender (I don't want to be rude, but this almost only happens with kids). Anyway, I've enjoyed reading everyones opinions. I understand and appreciate why Rage happened. I want the same end goal, I just feel it would be much better achieved a different way!
  5. It would be good to get some more clarification from Gun, but from watching the streams I think I remember them saying that any new animation would be considered new content. Hopefully they are at least considering some Rage related changes, I’d love to hear what they’re currently thinking.
  6. This was a very interesting read, especially since I never played at beta. Thanks for sharing. I think it would’ve been good too, certainly would’ve made gameplay/style quite different. Obviously it takes much longer but I find it easy to repair without alerting Jason with Tiffany, which is silly considering she’s a 1! Unfortunately it seems like changes such as this can never happen, even if it was in.the game before..
  7. I apologise, and I understand. I got that impression from when I was playing (I’d come across a lot of kids in gamechat complaining), but either way I definitely shouldn’t have phrased it like that and I know people have mature points that aren’t just “Jason sucks!!!”. So again, I’m sorry. I appreciate everyone’s opinions and like hearing people explain their point of view- which seems to be something that actually happens here, unlike the subreddit which I’ve become too used to!
  8. Some things like the fact Jason can’t be stunned after he rages through a door should definitely be kept, as this was a big problem. I don’t agree with you entirely though, I just think Rage needs to be reworked. Yes if multiple counsellors beat him up he gets Rage faster, but this doesn’t seem to stop them. Before Rage I found I easy to kill every single counsellor. Some things are just an issue of not enough experience, whilst others are due to Jason being too weak in some aspects. I think counsellors are at an advantage on small maps, not sure to what extent, but it is definitely easier to get objectives done faster.
  9. Thank you! I definitely agree that it was a bit unbalanced before and yes, the new Rage is taking it too far. I think Tommy should definitely be able to do something- he is the hero after all and ‘killed’ Jason when he was just a boy! As did the final girl. I would love to see more combat! If they rework combat mode, it could bring in a new dynamic in the form of stand offs after rage. Perhaps Jason could be potentially stunned when heavy attacked- which would actually make a lot of sense I think. You have some really interesting ideas! The fact we can’t have any new content does makes it hard as, what exactly would be considered new content? If as part of a new rage, like you say, Jason could go through windows etc., would that be consisted just reworking existing content or something new. I’d love if we could test out all these possible changes to see how it’d work. Nerfing sense and thus allowing counsellors to actually be able to hide would be really cool, and definitely bring a new style of gameplay. One of my first ideas was to make a new ‘super rage’ that would activate when he was hit multiple times in a short space of time; even if he was already stunned because that is typical troll behaviour- there should be some consequences to continuing to hit him. That would probably be classed as new content though. But thanks for sharing your thoughts! I wonder what Gun are thinking and what kind of changes they’d consider..
  10. (Note: when I write 'Rage' I am referring to the new rage mode. Also I know this post is long but please read through to the end because I didn't write in the most logical order and clarify some things later on) Dear Gun Media, please rework the rage update. I know that Jason is meant to be feared and you felt the game had the wrong sort of feeling- counsellors keeping on stunning Jason just for the sake of it, trolling him etc. I have two main thoughts in regards to the update: 1. Does it actually solve the problem and 2. The negative it may create 1. The fact that he can’t be stunned in rage solves the problem at a surface level. People can't look at the game and think ‘haha this game is a total joke, look at Jason who is meant to be feared getting continuously trolled’ when he kept getting stunned with no payback. Matt and Wes were talking about how players have got familiar with the parameters of the game- hitbox, grab range, timings etc. which allowed them to troll Jason by continuously stunning him. Now although you obviously can’t stun him with a melee weapon after rage (unless you get the mask off), you can still use knowledge of the above to troll him in other ways. It doesn’t look as bad on the surface because he isn’t continuously falling down to the ground and all that. But is letting him run towards you then running away right as he grabs any different? This is obviously just just one of the ways you can ‘subtly troll’ him. Once you understand the limitations of Jason there are multiple ways in which you can do it. A good Jason should be able to easily deal with it but, in my experience, most can’t. Dancing at the exit instead of escaping with the police still happens. Driving around in the car just to annoy Jason instead of escaping still happens. Basically counsellors aren’t acting scared- as you would in real life if Jason was actually after you. But this is a game after all... An unskilled (i.e. "bad") Jason will never be feared. You can still 'troll' him in rage. 2. Obviously your goal is to escape (hopefully before rage) but this may not be possible, especially against a good Jason. I think playing repair characters now is pretty pointless. I play as Vanessa and I fix as Vanessa. You’d hope fast players bring items to objectives for repair characters to fix. Honestly I never see this happening. Sometimes someone will just pick up a part and run around with it the whole game... I don’t even think they do it on purpose they just don’t understand the game. As a repair character you’re slower so searching for parts will take much longer. The time it takes for me to find parts and install them as Vanessa is much faster as an average (obviously luck plays into it depending on where you spawn). Anyhow, thinking about gameplay after escaping is not a feasible option: speed and stamina are your only real friends. Luck doesn’t matter, strength doesn’t matter, nothing else really matters. You can’t stealth it out, after Rage Jason will find you. You can’t hide, even an inexperienced player will find you eventually. So running away from him is the only guaranteed way to survive- and it works for me almost every game. Before Rage, even as a slow counsellor you had a chance to get away as you could try stun him. I don’t play as any other character because it’s such a disadvantage now. A conclusion I guess: People can still troll- it might not look the same but the mindset behind it is. Why do people troll? Because the opponent can be trolled. When I was new did people troll me when I was Jason? Yes. Did I soon become a better, smarter player? Yes. Do I ever get trolled now? No. I know people who are much better Jasons than me, and even I got full lobbies practically every game before Rage. I honestly just found it too easy 9/10 times to kill everyone. Rarely I’d come across skilled counsellors who challenged me and I loved that! Inexperienced Jason + experienced counsellors = trolling. This equation is what seems to have created most of the problems that led to Rage. This is why many multiplayer games have a rank/level based matchmaking system. I understand this isn’t feasible in Friday 13th. But Rage is not the solution in my opinion. Yes, changes needed to be done. I don’t know much about creating games, but surely the end goal that Gun envisioned can be reached in another way. I have many ideas. The fact Jason can now swing at multiple counsellors is a small change, but a very good start. Mainly though, new players can’t expect to be the best Jason and kill every counsellor, especially if they’re more experienced. Every game has a learning curve, offline bots is your best friend to get familiar with Jason. Then you play real matches to see, and begin to understand how people think, and act accordingly. To end: I love Friday 13th There’s a real art to this game, especially in regards to Jason. It requires a certain level intelligence paired with experience. This doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible to all - it just takes time! I think everyone is capable of being good, certainly good enough to get full lobbies before Rage. As the loading screen says “think outside the box, a direct approach may not always be best”. Good usage of stalk is just so sexy. Friday 13th let you be good with style. Now I feel an aspect of that is gone. (Also I honestly think a lot of people complaining were underage and well, there’s a reason the game is 18+. Not even just because of the nature but the intellectual capacity it requires...) When I first played, I was beyond impressed by the amount of work that was put in to making this game (and I still am!). As a fan of the movies, the attention to detail is amazing; I mean right down to the draws, let alone bigger things. I won't begin to list because it’s all equally perfect. It’s not just a couple things, like the beach at crystal lake, the barn at Higgins Haven or Jarvis house. It’s everything, it’s the whole game. Thank you Gun media for making this truly beautiful game. It’s the sole reason I got a PS4 and the only thing I played for months. I waited to write this as I wanted to see how Rage would grow on me. At first I pretended I liked it because of how much I love the game, but unfortunately I’ve found I’ve been playing less and less, as have friends I used to play with. I’m not the best at being succinct but I think this gets my thoughts across as best as possible. I don’t know how the majority of players feel, hence I would love to hear your thoughts! On reddit any mention of not liking Rage seems to be met with contempt, but I certainly know many people who feel the same as I do so maybe we’re not in fact a minority... Anyway, thanks for reading!
  11. Thanks for the replies, not a big fan of it either hence why I came here!
  12. Hi, I have just joined- wanted to share my ‘Post rage update thoughts’ on somewhere that isn’t reddit... Not sure where is the best plan to post it here though?
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