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  1. Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, oh and VANESSA. At the start of the match Jason sees pings everywhere.
  2. It's true that Jason is the star but I find it annoying when people say things like "Jason is the star of the game therefore counselors don't matter" etc etc. He is the main star yes but what about other characters in the movie like Alice and Tina. I mean yeah they get killed off but they are stars too. As much as I like playing the game it feels like there is something missing when playing as counselors and it is made more predominate with constantly opening empty drawers. To that end it is a movie game and I definitely feel ripped off (in a good way) because it's so 80s/90s to make a game that is basically fan service and pays no tribute to game mechanics and is not a playable game lol. Going into it I knew there wasn't much love for counselors other than a pretty face to kill but having played a couple matches I feel like it could have been so much more. DBD is selling like hotcakes on steam and I feel that this game missed out on the bandwagon by not caring for the counselors. Having said that there are new teen survivor horror movie games out now like last year the nightmare and I'm so glad that the market is starting to get these horror movie tropes. After watching movies like Scary Movie I always wanted to play as a survivor and try to make it through the night and now I can. Granted this game has issues and the fact that it was littered with bugs adds to the charm though I will be crossing my fingers for a multiplayer survivor horror game with the scale set to games such as Until Dawn. -end rant
  3. I don't even do that for most of my matches a no stun rage mode Jason just renders the second half of the match pointless. You can't defend teammates because he can instant grab you with no stun and strength characters are useless along with weapons, you can't even kill him right now.
  4. If you can get a petition going that would be the best because stunning the serial killer is something that is done in movies a lot especially during intense moments and I think everyone should be able to stun him especially if you are the last survivor trying to get through the night. A lot of people are already complaining on twitter and reddit but not so much on the forums where it is more mixed. I think that it's because they are the hardcore Friday the 13th fanbase whereas in other places like twitter and reddit they are more your casual players. Regardless though I hope they get rid of the no stun rage mode soon since I will be playing other games and watching movies until then.
  5. I dunno Jason already has enough tools at his disposal like throwing knives as well as traps and the game is already largely in favour of Jason. I read in another topic that someone mentioned "was getting stun-locked and tea bagged also in the movies?" and I honestly think he just got owned. Also there was a lot of fun to be had when people grouped up to try to stay alive because that is a viable play style and there is a party pack dlc so don't be so fussy if someone knocks you over and dances, it's part of the game.
  6. Hey there I just want to say I had a lot of fun playing the game up until the patch. Like many people I too think that making Jason invincible when he is in rage is unnecessary. Whacking Jason on the head was essential to staying alive especially if you are the last survivor and you can't do that anymore making weapons useless in the later half of the game. I don't think this is the intent of the original game because the weapons were all graded with durability, stun chance, and weapon damage so you technically rendered them useless now. As to the Jason pinata it was fun, we had a lot of laughs, we danced in the night (some of us barely having any clothes), and we had a blast. I have to say it was one of the most fun to be had with this game as people cranked up their music and we partied like it was 1989. Having said that those matches were few are far in between only occurring in one out of every ten matches, even less at times. It was one of those tropes that happens in video games that somehow made it even more popular with people as they upload YouTube videos and just generally have a good time. I feel that because of the new patch the score should be lowered for this game because it no longer supports counselors as a playable option especially in the later half of the game. I would search drawers and cabinets for med sprays and pocket knives but they always turn up empty so playing as a counselor feels incomplete and lack luster at times. It was always fun trying to repair the car or boat and getting away from Jason with the many stats available to players but I feel that there should be something more than just searching empty drawers. As to people saying counselors are going toe to toe with Jason, Jason has an infinite health pool, four abilities plus rage, and a grab ability while counselors only have an attack button. Needless to say that they were probably trolled and are in rage mode on the forums (and since you can't stun them anymore they are going all out). Again thanks for making a truly great game though I won't be playing it with this current patch, the game is literally broken right now. In terms of video game movies everything about it feels really good except for the constant searching of empty drawers. It would have been a 6.9/10 (because counselors don't find anything when searching cabinets) but with this new patch I'd say it is a 6/10 because counselors are no longer playable in the later half of the game with instant grabs/kills when trying to free teammates during rage, weapons rendered useless during rage, and a major bug that doesn't allow you to kill Jason. I mean the dude has only died so so many times in the movies and it was near the end of it so how do you explain that? Again I had a blast playing this game up until patch whether it was protecting my teammates (with weapons) as they try to escape or repair, to surviving as the last girl as you hope to see the light of day, to the once in a while party bash (that might get out of hand as people die), to finally playing as Jason the mass murderer in Friday the 13th. It was all good fun until the patch and it is my hopes that they will get the silly no stun rage mode out of the game soon and hopefully implement something more than the empty drawers as well as make counselors more viable as a player option.
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