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  1. the jasons have found a way to make you lag out enough to kill you with out you even fighting back or being able to do anything i was once in a match after this latest patch where the jason didnt break the door down he unlocked it from the outside i know he did cuz i saw him doin it but the most important thing the developers can do giht now is completely remove vanesa from the game
  2. please fix the ping problem its always 100 plus even after i upgraded to the gig speed its still bad but only on friday the 13th game also it seems ppl an lil kids found a way to boot you out of the game and you get a timout error while they run an pickup the car keys you drop !!!
  3. i say they need to nuture bugzy and completely remove vanessa becuz she is now a trollers tools and a cheaters tool
  4. i wanna report the other day i was about to join 1 of my friends but i saw that her match had 9 people playing wth ??? so please look into this things 1. more then 8 people playing 2.the controlls for the boat wont appear after fixing it could be a trick done by jason ? 3. yr stamina goes down super fast when repairing stuff why is that suppose to be normal could be a trick done by jason?
  5. if they do put out another patch please fix the network timeout problem to me it seems its players kicking other players off the match please fix it it happens way to much
  6. something wierd is happenin after this patch when you go to install a item in the car or boat yr stamina goes down to 0 in 2 seconds and when jason pops in yr toast cuz u got no stamina at all
  7. ok i was just on a match an they now have found a new way to make the weapons giant big again i missed that it was funny
  8. can we please have al the clothes for the consulers including all the bikinis and skirts an lingerey and the nude tiffany an aj for the ps5 only ? i rember that there was an ultimate edition i think i saw it at walmart that had alot more clothing items then what i got from the playstation store download
  9. im on ps5 an lastnight be4 i went to bed i got in a match but it crashed so i tried again an i was able to play 3 matches then i went to bed
  10. this should never happen jason should never know where or when tommy is located also he should not be able to sense players thats not even somethin he has in the movie in the movie he is just a tired old lunatic that kills ppl not a mind reader
  11. hi i just wanna say the game kept crashing yestrday when trying to get into a lobby sometimes id get a messge saying cant host a publoc session without a something today all morning id get in a match then it would crash or just trho me back to the main menu im on ps5 btw
  12. i noticed something wierd why are the ms 200 plus now in every match ? ok it seems the lowest is 200ms and goes to 999ms alot the games unplayable
  13. the important thing to do is make it so jason cant see anything on the map cuz the ijit is retarded he never went to skool he dont know maps or anything at all make the counselers be able to see all itams on map everything jasons hut the tommy house the fuse cuz the maps importantt o us to escape the fiend jason
  14. no to friendly fire but we need jason nutured n removed of all the powers he does not have in the movies remove the teleporting the stopin cars by just standin in front thats the worst so remove that asap
  15. the game has been working but since a couple minutes ago i am gettin kicked out of the game cant open doors or grab objects
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