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  1. There was dark cloaked druids in Halloween 5 with strange tattoed symbols on there wrists. In Halloween 2 Michael Myers broke into the school and wrote SAMHAIN in blood and Dr. Loomis finds it. Samhain is the lord of the dead on Halloween night,which ties Myers and The Halloween story togeather.Dark druids,Samhain Halloween. In the 1970s which is when Halloween movies take place The band Kiss was very popular,it only makes since to have characters with Halloween costume packs on Halloween. All these ideas would be cool if Gun medias next game is in fact Halloween.
  2. I Myself am going to give Gun media a break here. Think about it, Friday the 13th was Gun media's first game and it was a very small budgeted game crowd funded with just 2 million dollars. The way i see it is if fans cant support low budget Horror then they dont support The Horror community at all. Friday the 13th would have never have gotten made into a game at all if it Wasnt for small time Horror companies like Gun media because no other company would have taken a chance on a video game with an old 80s monster like Jason Voorhees. SUPPORT YOUR LOW BUDGET HORROR COMPANIES. THATS HOW WE HAVE GOOD MOVIES LIKE NEVER HIKE ALONE. Gun media didnt have millions of dollars to make Friday the 13th like major video game studios.
  3. I Cant believe everyones attitude about Gun medias next game. Why is everyone seem to think that Gun media is never going to get a license for a HUUUGE HORROR FRANCHISE TITLED GAME Like friday the 13th. Why would you choose a generic title for. Everyone seems to have this rotten attitude that were not supposed to be talking about Gun medias next game. It has allready been announced that Gun medias next game will be a HUUUGE HORROR FRANCHISED TITLE. So why does everyone want to back away from conversations about Gun medias next game.
  4. I Can hardly wait till the next game forum opens from Gun media. I Hope to have a better time now that i understand things better. cant wait to see what the next forums will be based on. i hope we can suggest ideas for guns next game on the next forum.
  5. I Hope Gun media opens there next HUUUGE HORROR FRANCHISE Titled game to mods where fans can buy more stuff.
  6. I Could have sworn i seen Wes Keltner's Tweet on twitter that said he will be UNVEILING AND REVEALING Gun media's next game at some sort of gaming convention this year sometime. Anyone else heard any good news about Guns next project release date. Its got to be close because they are closing the friday the 13th forums. @mattshotcha are you allowed to tell us if Guns next game will be revealed this year sometime.
  7. You tagged the wrooong 2 mods. Kodiak and Jpops are not Gun media employees and they will just shut this thread down. You might have better luck with just tagging mattshotcha. mattshotcha has all ready informed us that he doesent want to be tagged and he has all ready talked to us to death on this forum about why there can be no more content and why the game can not be opened to mods.
  8. Who's address are you looking for. Are you threatning anyone in particular. What would you do to me if you seen me in person.
  9. Well i think there is a good possiability that its a Halloween game and its allready being packaged to ship as Gun media has been working on there new game since 2019. Wes Keltner said about a month ago that it costs too much to wait another year to release the game. I Suspect that there will be A HUUUUGE Anouncement around July but im just guessing. ALL THESE CLAIMS ARE JUST RUMORS AND SPECULATION AND GUESSES. Wes Keltner announced on twitter that he will be taking Gun medias new game to some sort of gaming convention this year and revealing guns new Huge Horror franchise title.
  10. Please dont make fun of me. The guy told me that he knows the people doing the packaging and for sure the game is Halloween. I Believed the guy that told me this because he lives in Kentucky also where Gun Media studios is in Lexington Kentucky. I Know this chance rumor could be just a dupe lie. But it could also be true. Im not spreading lies or runors and im not speculating. Im just sharing what someone else claimed to be true and im discussing what id like to see in the game if its Halloween.
  11. I Love this Forum. Ive been banned lots of times but i thank mattshotcha for giving me another chance. I Want to apologize to Gunmedia Ben and other forum members for being so silly and causing problems in the past. In the next Gunmedia forums i will follow the rules and resist the urges to act silly and strange and goofy. Till next time your Friend Darrin.
  12. Yes. thanks for asking politelyi wont mention the defenitive edition hacks again.
  13. A Guy that lives in Kentucky on Facebook told me that he knows the people doing the packaging for the game and its Halloween. If its a Halloween game. Then i want Halloween costume packs. I Want Universal monsters costume packs. I Want Kiss costume packs. I Want Star Wars costume packs. I Want Dark Druids Dlc where Hooded Druids follow Michael Myers and write strange messages in blood and do weird ceremonies in the corn feilds and Basements. I Would like to see lots of Jack o Lanters in The Dark Hospital and on house porches. Fix the phone and Call Dr. Loomis. Dr. Loomis as a playable charachter. Tvs that play monster movies inside houses. SAMHAIN WRITTEN IN BLOOD Everywhere. Strange Druids and Samhain rituals. Michael Myers can attack security guards in the Hospital with a hammer. Michael myers can kill police and steal cars.
  14. I have done nothing wrong. this thread is about hacked lobbies and hacked parts of the game. Not sure why your upset. I Recently watched a youtube video of the definitive edition and possible new maps hacks. Im allowed to post here in the forums just like anyone else. please leave me alone if you dont like my posts.
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