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  1. I've noticed that I feel a bit more like the shark from "Jaws" in offline mode. Since Jason V. is evidently related to Aquaman, I skim the shorelines waiting to spot a white ring in the distance, then it's time to surface and hunt. Think of the A.I. this way; the counselors in the films aren't exactly rocket scientists. I really wish the counselors would act out little personal scenarios like "fooling around" in a tent or on a cabin cot. Imagine Jason interrupting an impromptu shower in one of the cabins? I think the developers left some campy brilliance on the cutting room floor. No pun intended . . .
  2. I've recently decided to climb the Tower of Barbs in Sudan 51's "Let it Die." My wife ordered me a physical copy from Japan and it's rekindled my liaison with whacky Asian Ultra-Violence. It's quite a grind for a free-to-play game, but if you want to weather the storm without dropping cash, you have to have thick skin. I'm so addicted to it. Challenge and grind await in the Tower of Barbs. When frustration sets in, I grind up some scantily clad counselors by the lakeside . . . Perfect recipe for satisfaction . . .
  3. I felt compelled to post a sincere "thank you" to the devoted developers of Friday the 13th the game. Very often, particularly in regards to games that begin their infancy in a persistent on-line format, the developers spend long hours cramming in as many updates as possible while tweaking the game according to player feedback. More often than not, these types of games are more focused on the present moment at the expense of the long view. What happens down the road? What happens when the servers finally unplug? Thankfully, mercifully, Friday the 13th is NOT one of these games. I fully intend to slash and bash on-line to my hearts content for as long as the servers allow. That being said, it warms my heart to know that years from now, after swearing my way through a play-through of the former NES version of Friday the 13th, I can pop in the disc, load the menu, and continue to stalk helpless counselors for many years to come. I want to express my gratitude to the development team for honoring Sean Cunningham's brilliant idea by ensuring that gamers can stir up a serving of blood-curdling nostalgia long after Tom Savini has finally hung up his last bag of prosthetic bloody limbs. So, from an old-school horror fan like myself, with as much sincerity that I can muster; thank you for your hard work and sacrifices. Jason is alive and well, and because of your well-crafted art, the franchise is so much better for it. You guys really killed it. Well done . . .
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