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  1. Ever since the June update, offline mode on my PS has had issue wtih the sound and it’s timing with the cutscenes. No matter what, the audio for Offline bots mode (where the counselors are just chilling until Jason comes by to kill Rob starting the game) is always coming way to soon before the scene begins. It’s not only for this platform the issue occurs. Most of the Single Player Challenges also get delayed cutscenes. I’ll list the ones that are undergoing this. -Power Struggle -Lights Out -Packanack Party -Snuggle by the Fire -Strip Poker -Jason is HERE -and occasionally Vacation Party has the issue during intro, freezing the footage but still going on with the dialogue. I know this game didn’t have much luck the past, but I only wish for this quick fix from the developers to make the gameplay better again. Content or not, this is all I would like for now.
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