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  1. A LOT off topic. And on this thread, no less. You realize you not only mention trying cheats "for fun" but then go on to explain the process to a forum, on a thread about a patch to try and stop hackers, right? Any of that seem like a great idea?
  2. That won't fully fix the issue either. We still need to have our database servers stable for that to have any real effect.
  3. The team is looking into what's gone on over the last 24 hours. We saw improvements, then another round of issues. While this patching process is going to be a bit of a slow burn effect, we're still working away at it. This is not going to be a patch and done magic patch, but more of a battle. That's about all the info I can share at the moment. I'll be back with more as soon as I have it.
  4. @4epuxa I would recommend sending in a support ticket. Head over to JasonKillsBugs.com and provide all the info to the team.
  5. Not strictly backend, no. The game has to communicate with the backend. Are you both still unable to connect to the database? Sometimes on patch days you'll see that error for a short period of time following the patch.
  6. Actually, the problem won't be fully fixed for anyone until the Xbox and Switch are patched too. It's going to be incrementally better for all in the process though. None of our patches are ready for ALL platforms at the same time. Never. They all are staggered and usually, as is the case with every game, they hold the patch till all platforms are ready. That is just a simple truth of game dev and how things work. Considering the urgency of this patch, and the fact that even Xbox and Switch players will see some improvement after the PC/PS4 patch, we decided to roll them out as they're ready. It's really not a console favoritism thing here, gang.
  7. This sounds like they may have targeted your account. Please submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com and detail the issue with them. We can keep better track of affected accounts that way. The team is working to close that issue as well, once we get folks back online and playing.
  8. No, as I said in the post, but maybe I didn't highlight it enough, all users will see improved matchmaking and stability after the PC/PS4 patch. Due to how our backend is structured, this patch will actually help reduce the issues for all users. The same is true of the Xbox/Switch patch. So this is why it's important to note that we'll see incremental improvement with each platform getting the patch, on all platforms. Once ALL platforms have been patched, we'll see the issue resolved fully. It's a plan that takes some time in the roll out, but we felt it urgent enough to just drop the patches as they wrap up and are complete. The timing difference is due to a hurdle we did not anticipate that was uncovered late. Which the team will take care of and then get the Xbox/Switch patches set and out.
  9. This will still be on dedicated servers. The patch is needed regardless of where the matches are hosted, dedicated or peer to peer.
  10. UPDATE: (Status: 9.3.2020) The final step towards securing servers to protect against future attacks has been put in place as of last night. At this time, the process has been completed, and the team will continue to monitor and adjust if needed, should any interruption of the Official F13 Servers happen again. UPDATE: (Status: 8.12.2020) The patch will be rolling out on Xbox and Switch at approximately 3:00 PM Eastern US Time today (8.12). As with all patch days, expect matchmaking to take a bit longer than usual as players exit, download the patch, and repopulate game servers. This brings all platforms up to the latest patch level. We should see another incremental improvement in matchmaking and stability. That said, there is still work to complete. This has been a migration of sorts, and we'll need to monitor to make sure we're up and running, then we can take the next step and decommission the old. So please do keep us posted on any issues or instability you experience after the patch has been deployed. Thank you! UPDATE: (Status: 8.7.2020) The team is monitoring some more recent incoming attacks. While this patch is part of a stepped approach, the team is working to expedite the next steps as quickly as possible in light of the continued attacks. While each stage of this should deliver improvements, even if they are only slight improvements, we are not out of the woods just yet. As stated previously, we anticipate the greatest improvement to be once all patches have been delivered, due to how the backend is structured. That process is being addressed with the utmost urgency and we will share more news as soon as we have it. UPDATE: (Status: 8.6.2020) The patch will be rolling out on PC/Steam and PS4 at 3:00 PM Eastern US Time today (8.6). Xbox and Switch are still in process, but no update on their progress just yet. As with all patch days, expect matchmaking to take a bit longer than usual as players exit, download the patch, and repopulate game servers. Keep us posted on any issues or instability you experience after the patch has been deployed. ORIGINAL POST: (Status: 8.5.2020) Recent attacks on our servers causing instability have been under investigation by the team. Working with our development partners, we have a patch candidate that is working through the process of going live on all platforms. However, due to the urgency of this patch we will be rolling it out as it is ready on a platform by platform basis as opposed to holding the patch until every platform is ready. We aim to have the patch out on PC and PS4 by the weekend. We will update this thread when those builds go out. Xbox and Switch will be trailing, but we plan to deliver those as soon as possible. While this sounds like players on specific platforms will see improvements before players on the trailing platforms, due to how our backend is structured, the patch landing on other platforms means we should see an overall improvement in matchmaking for every platform, building as we reach parity. The staged approach is going to make incremental improvements as it rolls out on different platforms and ultimately, once the last platform is updated, alleviate the issue for the community. I'll be back to update this thread as the patch rolls out. Thank you for your patience, gang.
  11. We're going to have to go back to peer to peer soon enough anyhow. Dedicated servers can't be up forever. But the issue here is that we still need to close the vulnerability EVEN IF we are on peer to peer. It seems like it's fine on P2P because if you make it online past the database login, you can play them. But there is a SIGNIFICANT amount of players that can't get past even the database login. That's an immediate blocker to playing at all. Please see above. It wouldn't resolve the issue and would divert the team from completing the work that would resolve things for most, if not all the player base. We need the database servers to be functional so players can access unlocks, stats, XP, CP, etc. So this situation is important regardless of Dedis or P2P. That said, I should have some news on things by end of day. The team is currently tackling an unexpected situation with deployment.
  12. I think some of the best writing and storytelling in a game has been in Bioshock. Without a doubt, an amazing story, a whole world created underwater, with a whole alternate reality timeline. Horror elements, shooter elements. Just a great game. As far as F13 as a franchise and video games, who knows really. I think the franchise has some significant ground to cover before we're at the point where we can even speculate on it.
  13. Not just yet, but as soon as I do I'll have a post out on here. Can't really share that info. Between the ongoing investigation by the firm and the fact that we don't want to show our cards to anyone potentially responsible.
  14. Hardy har har. The patch is step one to getting people online again without the server attacks kicking everyone. That was the complete focus of this patch, all bug work has been paused while the team works this issue.
  15. We have a patch in the testing phase and it will be a quick turnaround patch. Meaning, once we have news that it passed that phase we'll be looking to roll it out almost immediately. No one is "waiting for them to stop" either as we have an ongoing investigation and have been working with development partners for weeks to get this resolved. So before you fly off the handle, please read our previous statement on the situation, and keep an eye out in the next few days for the news on the testing phase for this patch.
  16. Not from our side, as we won't have news until Monday the earliest. If the attackers let up, you'll see improved connections, but they may not last.
  17. You guys keep sharing that comment like it's some eureka moment. Me saying LRG handled whatever happened to the LRG employee is literally nothing worth wasting breath about. I didn't say they found him, took him outside and flogged him. I just said that they handled their side of it however they handled it. "But oh my god, he said they handled it and they said they couldn't identify the employee and we think we did." Enough already. You start this thread off saying you don't intend for it to start problems. So then what is the point of the thread? There's nothing new to provide as far as info here and there's nothing productive to come from it other than promoting the conspiracy thread from the Reddit page. I'm going to lock the thread now, and no, that's not censorship. Firstly because it's going to be locked, not hidden. Secondly because no one is stopping you from talking about it, just talk about it somewhere else. You know, like Reddit, where you already have a thread on it that's open for discussion.
  18. @Laotian Lam you're good people. @Strigoi I just wanted to say I see you making an effort to work within the forum rules and I appreciate it.
  19. Visiting at random isn't allowed, but maybe one day down the line we can set something up. Conventions are usually best for that sort of thing, as we're all on site and obviously have something to share at that time otherwise why would we be on site, right. But I do have to say that any interview of that sort would have to be handled after we make an announcement and would have to be approved on a case by case basis. I know that's asking a lot of patience, but I just want to be clear on timing, etc. Once we get to the point of announcing something, we'll be much more interactive with our community on that topic. But we can't accelerate that timing and we need to let the process take it's course.
  20. We're making a game based off the Cap'n Crunch cereal franchise. Seriously, Strigoi, we are not going to announce a project in the comments section of an unrelated thread. Hell, we're not going to announce a project on this forum even. That's not how this works. I don't know what all that would entail and matchmaking has a tendency to be a tricky spot in the game since the dev team swap.
  21. I have to be honest here, the day we switch back to peer to peer is still coming. Dedicated servers can't stay up forever indefinitely. And judging by your comment, I have to say it's coming sooner than you might think. But this issue with the servers right now needs to be addressed regardless, due to the fact that our backend relies on some level of servers for player stats, perks, etc. That's the "database" you see referenced in some errors. So even if we were already on peer to peer matches, we'd still need to address this. See above. This would still create issues if we were switched to peer to peer, due to the database servers needing to be online. EDIT: For further clarity, the situation we are facing will need to be resolved separately of any plans to switch back to peer to peer. Dedicated servers already have a life expectancy, regardless of this situation. But this situation eliminates all options for players to play online without instability.
  22. Other than to stay up on your ticket with support, no not yet. If you've encountered that, please do keep up with the ticket with support and keep an eye on inboxes. They're still working through things.
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