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  1. They roll out at different times depending on platform. We're looking into it, but it may end up being a necessary blocker. I'm new, and I think it's a fix to a breachable spot. YES! Confirmed, double XP and tapes.
  2. Patch Notes - Friday the 13th: The Game - January 2019 Patch HOTFIX: The kill process for Jason UI Bug This hotfix has been submitted and is rolling out to platforms as soon as possible. INTERACTION LOCK - The team has fixed various interaction lock issues, including: Stumbling while dropping an item Entering Combat Stance while swinging weapon CONNECTIVITY AND CRASHES - Multiple connectivity/crash fixes including: Network Error after joining lobby in Quick Play “Need Updated Client” error ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Falling Animation Loop - Fixed various areas where players enter a falling animation and cannot continue, including: Firewood Logs on Pinehurst Map Cardboard Box on Packanack Map Coffee Table in Jarvis House Counselor Catch - Fixed various spots that could snag the counselors and make them unable to move, including: Cemetery fence on the Crystal Lake map. Safe Spots - Fixed various safe spots where the counselors are unreachable once entered, including: The cemetery in Higgin’s Haven Parking the car inside the barn on Pinehurst Fixed an issue where an invisible collision would occur at the barn fence on Pinehurst, causing the car to shift vertically after restarting the car. Fixed an exploit where counselors could use the car as a barricade at Jason’s shack, affecting several maps. Fixed an issue where the counselors could control their directional axis while climbing through windows, allowing them to reach unplayable areas of the maps. Fixed an issue where counselors are able to reach the rooftop of the Pinehurst Halfway House by escaping Jason's grab with a pocket knife. USER INTERFACE Fixed an issue disabling the “More Emotes” button. Fixed the Morph Cursor not showing on Xbox One. BALANCING AND TUNING Jason - Buffing Mother’s Special, Special Boy. Weapon Swing - Jason can now swing his equipped weapon to hit multiple targets at once. This will help Jason defend himself against bullies. Stun - It is no longer possible to Stun Jason while he is in Rage Mode unless using a shotgun or Pamela’s sweater. Rage Indicator will show on the minimap when Jason enters Rage Mode. Counselors - They should have been watching him. Tommy Jarvis - Players who kill themselves cannot come back as Tommy Jarvis. ****Killing Jason is unchanged.****
  3. We'll have a live date for the patch. Hint: It's sooner than you think.
  4. As some of you may have seen, the Gun Media team has revealed some of our streaming and content plans for 2019, in the form of a new streaming show "Gun Media presents: Beyond." The Beyond series will focus on all Gun Media's titles with news, updates, and interviews with the team here and we're kicking it off by revealing the latest patch for Friday the 13th: The Game. Tune in to the Gun Media Twitch or Mixer channels at 3PM ET Tuesday Jan. 29 to check out what we have coming to the game. Twitch.tv/GunMedia Mixer.com/GunMedia
  5. This I would have to check the status of. I'm not sure I've seen this one reported yet.
  6. This happens if they're not on the main menu when you try and link up, if I'm not mistaken. Make sure all the folks you're linking up with are on the main menu.
  7. The team is hammering away at it. I'm trying to get an update on the status, but just returned to the office from travel. I'll update as soon as I can.
  8. You are going to have to use the built in reporting for console. I'm looking into PC and our options. Go ahead and PM me the proof and I'll look into it.
  9. Thanks for tagging me in. I'll check in on this with our support team. Apologies for the late reply, first day back in the office.
  10. No update yet. Weird. Maybe a Steam issue? Sorry for the late reply too, gang. Was traveling.
  11. I'm a fan of GameplayingGuru! Love seeing this type of thing kick off.
  12. I'd have to check up on this one and get back to you. Actually, that's a large part of what we mean when we say "balancing" will be included in this next update. Stay tuned for more specific details.
  13. I don't know if that's the type of change that fits the design, but I can raise it as a suggestion.
  14. The team is aware and is working with our partners to get the soft spot in our anti cheat defenses closed up, and any users who exploited that, banned from the game.
  15. I can guarantee we do read those. If you don't mind, make sure you have let us know some key details: Region Game Type (Physical or Digital) Any Installed DLC Game Version Number The team is collating all this info trying to track down what is happening, as this issue does not have a lot of common factors so far to go on. The info asked for here can help us identify those common denominators.
  16. An issue not getting fixed does not mean it's NOT our biggest concern. Please understand that more goes into fixing an issue than just whether or not we feel like doing it. There is WAY more to it than simply desire or will to fix. Please also understand that as soon as I have something more to report on this topic, I will. As of right now, the team is still investigating and trying to get to the bottom of this. Any users affected should still be reporting to JasonKillsBugs.com in the meantime.
  17. This month we'll have news on the patch, with fix and balance details. We'll also have the exact patch date by end of month. But that doesn't mean it won't be pushed out of January by a bit. Naturally, we want to be careful that we are submitting a solid patch, and that means not confirming a launch until we have it locked up as tight as possible. But the details of this patch will be available by month's end.
  18. Let me see what this would require and where that would fit in the current scope, but it's a cool suggestion either way! Thanks for tagging me in!
  19. Yes, bugs and balancing not because we choose what we are fixing and chose not to fix your issue, but because we still have not pinned down the fix to your issue. I understand being upset that the game is not working for you, but it's not that the team is not hearing you or not willing to fix your issue, it's that it is not a 100% recreation when testing to try and identify what is causing the issue you folks are seeing. This is why we keep redirecting any players affected to JasonKillsBugs.com and request that they include their region, game type (physical or digital), installed DLC, and version number. We're trying to collect info and diagnose. In the meantime, we're still going to patch what we have.
  20. I get the frustration, but this is not ok. The team is still working away at the issue you're experiencing. Not all issues are reproduced on a 1 to 1 immediately. I can check in with the team on status to see where they are at, but in the meantime, let's try and make sure we stay civil.
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