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  1. That would need to be a bit further down the line as we haven't fully detailed what can be done vs what we'd like to do.
  2. Let me ask about this and see if there's a bigger reason I'm not aware of before I comment. Thanks for tagging me in @Slasher_Clone
  3. EDIT: Just under 30 minutes until the gang goes live! Join Wes, Dan, and Matt tomorrow for an all new episode of BEYOND. We'll be talking the latest update to F13, with a full round of Community Q/A. Gun Media on Twitch Gun Media on Mixer
  4. They do not. The Salt Mines were created for peer to peer players who would quit while host, etc. With the move to dedicated servers, there are no more Salt Mines.
  5. @Slasher_Clone Fear System is a tricky one. Are we discussing it? Of course, but it's got time to bake before we can really put an idea out there for you guys and girls.
  6. No one is deleting criticism as long as it is within the forum rules. As for statements about the change, I'll echo what I've said to others: We're sourcing all feedback, but snap decisions are not going to help here. The change is based on community feedback and mixed with the original design plan and direction of the game. The feedback we pull in on the forums and social has to also be weighed against the design of the game, because after all, changes without the game's core design in mind are unfaithful to the project. If the community asked for random soccer matches to break out with Jason playing goal, adding that to the game would not be a great idea, even if a lot of people requested it. This is the role and importance of having core design. On that note, the core design was never to have counselors regularly all surviving. Survival/Escape should be difficult, and Jason should be feared, not toyed with. That said, we hear the community loud and clear and have been discussing the feedback and sentiment internally since the patch first was revealed.
  7. Solid feedback. I would need to check in on where these things stand with the content situation, but I can always raise these to the team. I've been answering as many pro and con replies as possible. I apologize if I missed your comment, but I am not playing sides. Community Development hinges on feedback and weighing all sides of every topic, and I'm a firm believer in hearing all sides out. Again, I apologize if I missed a comment of yours.
  8. We've be seeing feedback on the patch, yes. As for negative/positive, I think you'd be surprised at how those numbers shake out. There are some negative comments and some positive, but that's part of the process with balancing a multiplayer game. The change still needs time to be out in the wild before we jump to make any changes.
  9. If you're still experiencing issues, please report at JasonKillsBugs.com with region and as many details about what you're seeing as possible. After the hotfix, we began seeing reports of server issues on PS4. The team sorted it out and then the servers began to repopulate, which can be time consuming and frustrating as they spin up and get busy. If issues persist, we NEED to know region and details as soon as possible so we may figure this out.
  10. Hotfix incoming. It's in submission with all platforms. Should already be live on Steam, PS4 and X1 as soon as possible.
  11. We wanted to make these changes separately and address/evaluate as we go. So something like grab would not have been a good adjustment at the same time as others, but we are keeping an eye on it.
  12. This is being patched in a hotfix rolling out as soon as possible to all platforms. Might want to check Steam, if that's your preferred platform (PC). But it is in submission at all platforms. We have seen reports of other roof methods and the team is investigating. The cars/knives fix is being worked on by the team. Please report this to JasonKillsBugs.com with details on region and game type so we can see what is happening. Also, any error you might be seeing if there is one.
  13. I've passed this along to the support team and they'll follow up via the JasonKillsBugs.com ticket that @jujugotoday has submitted already.
  14. No, Tommy stunning him during the Jason Kill Process. Really any counselor with a shotgun can bring Jason to the knees and Tommy can just deliver the final blow.
  15. It's really going to depend on the speed at which we can fix it and the process of submitting said fix. I can say this, we are looking at this as a hot fix scenario, not a wait for the update scenario.
  16. This might be totally separate from the issue with servers. Let us know if this continues or if it's only intermittent.
  17. Hey! This is a great idea. I do have to mention that there is an element of core design to the change, but I am going to be keeping an eye on the thread and subsequent conversation for more tuning opportunities.
  18. Yes, this is a known and unintended issue. The team is working on it.
  19. Yes, and it will be fixed, as that's an unintended situation. ASAP. The team is hammering away and I'll update as soon as we have news.
  20. Once Jason is in Rage, the sweater and shotgun will still stun him. The behavior we're seeing is unintended and will be fixed as soon as possible. The team is working on it. Exactly. The team is working on it. More news as soon as we have it. Our testing team did in fact test the Jason changes completely and somehow this issue still made it's way back in. We didn't remove combat, we simply made late game combat more difficult. It was never the intention to have a Jason kill every match. The game was designed so that actually killing Jason would be rare, and extremely difficult, hence the chain of actions required. We also wanted to remove the light hearted Jason beat em up party and create a sense of urgency to the tasks counselors face at the start of the match. 1v1 with stuns is a frustrating aspect of the game, as you well know. Players could stun, dance, then stun again and we have a scenario of a supposedly brutal and lethal killer being a punching bag. That's not intended. Combat against Jason should be escape based. And in early game, now it is. Save those hits and stuns for when you need them and focus on the repair parts, the pocket knives, etc. to prep for the match. While there very well may be more tuning, the only "fix" to be had here is the post Rage kill process having an issue dropping Jason to his knees. Again, the team is working on the unintended issue at the kill process. Really good to hear that you're back in game. Let us know if that crops back up at any time, or if you have any buds still having issues. And yes, Jason was always supposed to be intimidating. Glad we're seeing that again. This is good to see. Rethinking perk picks, etc. There is a strategy in this. Also, I'd say if you find a pocket knife, you're the one to do certain other high profile tasks that draw Jason's attention. On topic of strats, maybe hold those firecrackers and set them off over here, while buddy starts the car over there. Just a thought. Firecrackers can be a distraction device. Not as good as dead, but definitely at a heightened sense of urgency/self protection. I mean, spending EXTRA time in a summer camp with Jason should be low prio for you counselors, no? I think it's not so definite at the post Rage point as you stated, but otherwise, spot on. The idea being that post Rage game play is something that is fast getting away from the counselors, spiraling out of control. And again, yes, the issue with Rage Jason and the kill process is being investigated. That is unintended. He's not invincible. He can be killed before Rage is full and after we sort the issue out, after Rage with the sweater, shotgun. Also, standing face to face with Jason and having the upper hand is not how the game was designed. The main win condition was always survive or escape with killing Jason an "S Rank" of sorts. Facing Jason is supposed to be tough, not a whack and watch him lay down then whack him again. Yes, they do at all levels of Rage. Those sneak hits are not gone. They are just in early game while you prepare for the escape/survive/kill. Use those hits wisely and your squad will be escaping pretty regularly before he sees Rage. -- I tried to answer as many topics, even if not answering each individual comment. I'll be back with another post in here as I see more piling up. Let's keep the convo civil and keep in mind, we can keep tuning, but the design is not and never was about a Jason hunting sim. This is a character to strike fear in players, not be beat on with sticks and inevitably killed match after match. Rage changes are a ratcheting up of those aspects.
  21. The team is investigating and we'll get back to you guys on this as soon as possible.
  22. Yes, as @undrtkr said, we would consider it if there's something to tie to it. Wes, in the Beyond stream, noted that the team is open to the possibility if it makes sense, and there is some way to tie it to an earned reward or something. But even then, it's not an immediate priority as we have other items to take care of first that have a larger impact on the experience.
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