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  1. Solid assistance coming from @badassgixxer05 Let us know if you continue to have issues. If so, please hop over to the site JasonKillsBugs.com and provide detailed info on what's happening. I understand frustration, but without details, we can't do a lot to try and troubleshoot outside of the basics.
  2. This issue is known, but not a 100% repro. So despite it happening both times to you, it is not so easy to trace. But we are aware and will be investigating, as it comes up in priority. In the meantime, these videos should be going to JasonKillsBugs.com as well. Never hurts.
  3. We actually discussed this yesterday on BEYOND. Making areas like that instantly kill players is tricky when verticality is involved. There are a whole host of things that can happen as a negative result to have an area above be unplayable but below is playable. That said, the team is aware of that location, so hang in there. We're investigating.
  4. Lots of great ideas floating around, but keep in mind. The team will be looking to make any changes in a very small and controlled way. We want to avoid tipping the scales back in the other direction. And while firecrackers are limited and there is an inventory management aspect to it, it's still another option. We need to weigh the entirety of those options and not look at each individual. Also, firecrackers were originally intended as a distraction device and noise maker. Flare was intended as a spotting tool.
  5. I absolutely will. The video above shows what you were also experiencing, @RustInPeace?
  6. Yes, we patched a method, but a method remains. The team is already on it!
  7. Thanks for tagging in! The porch area where counselors can get by the furniture is already being worked on!
  8. We are, it's not that I'm saying that it isn't easy for some kill squads to line up the items. The point I'm making is the bug shown here is removing the defenses for Jason once those things line up, yes, but it isn't making squads that couldn't kill Jason before suddenly able to. This is a serious bug, and the team was on top of investigating this before this thread ever started, but I do have to try and keep perspective here. Does it need to be fixed? Yes, absolutely. Is it already being worked on? Yes, absolutely. But try to keep perspective on this. It is not a bug eliminating the need for the sweater or a bug making any player able to drop Jason instead of needing Tommy. It is a bug that speeds up the process, and limits Jason's defenses while the process is in motion. Defenses which are already somewhat thin when facing a group that has already completed all the previous steps. This issue, while still a very serious issue that needs a fix, is not creating endless amounts of dead Jason's. Also, just a note, you said "the hit to kneel Jason down glitches out..." and I wanted to specify something here. That kneeling hit is still subject to the stun attributes of the weapon you are using. So saying it glitches out would require me to know what weapon you were using to verify if it was a glitch or just a bad % chance on the weapon. This is why we recommend the baseball bat a lot.
  9. Thanks for the tags, all. This is something I'd have to look into. It's a bit of a grey area between what we can and can't do, enough so that it may raise flags. But I'll look into it.
  10. The team already has these videos and is investigating. But before we all get too upset, you still need to have the sweater, have Tommy, have the mask off, and follow the same steps. They're just running through the steps quicker, particularly by being able to kneel him before he recovers from the stun (assuming you've got all these parameters in a row before Rage or before you're out of shotguns). This is unintended, but it still requires a significant amount of things to line up. That said, if anyone has further details than these videos provide, please do send them over.
  11. I believe this has been reported, but let me add this info to the chain with our support lead. I'll follow up with a status update.
  12. Yes and the team is working on this. We've been testing a few different things, so let me know if you see any changes in connectivity. That's because our servers work a bit differently than you're thinking. Because we have a lobby system and players are cycling in and out of those lobbies, we have a cyclical maintenance of sorts. But in terms of what that looks like to the player, we try to do this is a revolving way that is as seamless and invisible to the player as possible.
  13. Yes and it definitely does. But there is also a design to the game. Example, if a ton of you started to request that Jason throw on a speedo and host a beach party with the counselors instead of killing them, we wouldn't add that to the game. The Rage change is a first step. It's called Rage, it should mean more than just easier to crash thru walls. Now that the change is settling in and players are adjusting, we're actually seeing a lot of quality feedback on tuning things. Believe it or not, players ARE adjusting to the changes. Now, we still want to keep an eye out and tune these things, but a full reversal of the change is a knee jerk reaction. We stand by the design of the change, but that doesn't mean we aren't interested in tuning it. We absolutely are. But not a full reversal. That's why my statement that you quoted said "As opposed to the Rage change..." Because we aren't currently sourcing a replacement for more effective and powerful Jason in Rage state, we are looking at ways to tune it.
  14. I see, my bad, I misunderstood. Let me add this to the feedback pool. The team has evaluating to do, so no promises, but I can make the interest heard.
  15. Do you mean as opposed to the Rage change? Because I know the team likes the design of Rage meaning more than wall walking, but they agree that it has tuning to be done. I don't see it being reversed in favor of Mask HP and Stun Protection.
  16. I think you guys have tipped me past the line. I'll work on uploads/playlists today. I didn't want to flood the YouTube with things found elsewhere, but if enough folks would prefer to view there, I'm not about to limit people from viewing our content due to platform alone. I'll edit this once the playlists are done. EDIT: TALES from the STREAM Playlist BEYOND Playlist I'll add episode 2 of Beyond tomorrow morning as I don't want to be too aggressive with our subscribers.
  17. Yes, you're both right. The servers are actually up, but these issues are not always widespread. Thanks all for the info. I'm going to follow up with support and see what's what. I know the team is investigating these connectivity things since the latest patch and hotfix, but don't know where exactly we're at with it.
  18. Even after the recent patch? Are you getting any errors? Also, can I have your region, exact. Not like an address, lol, but country. Please send the report, but I want to be able to explore with the team and I'm curious of the region.
  19. They exist on Twitch as past broadcasts, but we can look into the idea of uploading them to YouTube as well, in a playlist of all Beyond, playlist of Tales, etc.
  20. I'll be watching this space... 👀
  21. Let me try and get some more clarity on this. I don't want to misrepresent how those attributes work.
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