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  1. Low priority, but something to discuss. I'll mention it to the team.
  2. If you have an existing ticket, you can update that ticket to ping the support team to the case again. I can assure you they'll respond. I'm not sure, outside of a troubleshooting session and potential fix what type of "official response" you're after. If it's something to be patched, that just accentuates the need for fresh reports on JKB.
  3. The methods for getting him unofficially will lead to a ban.
  4. For all issues mentioned in this thread, we need you to submit reports through JasonKillsBugs.com to troubleshoot with our support team.
  5. So for private matches, you can earn all achievements. Offline modes are a bit trickier. There are some that can be earned offline, but we do not currently have a comprehensive list. I do know the kills on counselors offline count towards the totals though. Thanks for your understanding with my absence as I have been traveling for PAX in support of Layers of Fear 2. I'm back in office and will be catching up throughout the day.
  6. I would love to try and help, but there is very little info to go on here. My recommendation would be to submit a bug report to JasonKillsBugs.com and provide as much info as possible.
  7. I can look further into this, but if I'm not mistaken it's due to the text being a tool tip, not a creative piece.
  8. Hey gang! Thanks for your patience as we all return from PAX East. No, we will not be sharing patch notes until the patch is not only finalized, but ready to just about roll out. The reason for this is that we typically do not hold patches outside of the certification process. So finalizing the patch comes on pretty close to launching the patch.
  9. I don't see that making it into this next patch. The team has been focused on the list of bugs that are a bit more urgent for our community. But I have reported on the item.
  10. This might be outside the scope currently. Considering that the environmental kills would require a counselor to need to interact with the item, since you won't be catching them off guard like bots. That means we need to motivate counselor players into using the items in the first place. So this is probably not something you'd see implemented at this time.
  11. I would have to check with the team, but I can bring this up to them. I want to say I've already seen this feedback and reported it, but it was lower priority than some other items. I'll check in on it.
  12. Got this forwarded to the team and we'll look into it! Thanks for the videos, everyone!
  13. No worries! It helps because we can still check that location, etc. Thanks!
  14. Thanks all! That first video is a little tough to see, but the second, from @DontZzz34 you can see the trap looking tossed into the house. I'll get these reported to support. In the future, if you have video and details like this, you can immediately submit them to JasonKillsBugs.com Just make sure to still include the basic info like platform, issue or bug behavior, map, etc. The more details provided in the original post, the better.
  15. Yeah, Switch has everything but backer items like Savini Jason and Back Reward Counselor Clothing.
  16. As @badassgixxer05 said, video would be huge. Also, some key details. Platform, map, location on map, etc.
  17. In case you missed it, the team here at Gun sat down and dedicated a whole episode of BEYOND to the recent news that Friday the 13th: The Game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Spring 2019.
  18. In terms of what is available to the public, no it isn't the same. When discussing legal matters pertaining to an IP, that's what's important to distinguish. Everything in the Switch version is already available to the public. LoF2 is a single player experience only. Existing in the Virtual Cabin is not the same as taking control over the playable character. And no, a mask in a menu is not the same as an additional playable Jason build in game. It's also not the same as repurposing elements interactively. You're focusing on a UI element as a basis for playable, protected properties. That's not the same. Again, this 99% number is made up. There was still plenty of work to be done. May not seem like it, but there was and is. The question no one seems to be asking in order to help themselves understand this situation is "Why would Gun intentionally withhold Jason X unnecessarily if it was as finished as you claim?" We had already spent the money making him, so it's ultimately a loss. If he really was 99% done, why would we have held him back? It makes zero sense.
  19. Please report this to JasonKillsBugs.com and be sure to include key info such as platform, location, etc.
  20. Verify the integrity of the game files. That should clear this up. Let us know if you're still having issues.
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