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  1. I get what you're going for with this. It's definitely a fun idea. The title needs to be the right fit though. 

    At Gun, we take a lot of pride in authenticity and recreating film environments and characters down to the smallest details. It is kind of the polar opposite of having characters that are out of place in the environment, for example, like Pinhead at Crystal Lake. So for a traditional Gun game, I don't see that level of DLC coming to any of our titles, save for if Gun were to make something that is based off the greater horror universe and not one property.

    All that being said, for the sake of having a fun chat with my statements here having no implication in anything Gun is working on, I always loved that little Xbox Arcade game Gotham City Impostors. Man, would it be cool to see a Horror themed version of that. Deathmatch between horror icons from a wide variety of films. But also, as Kodiak mentioned, that's no small feat as far as licensing, even if you are making a slightly more cartoon inspired character.

  2. On 6/19/2021 at 2:03 PM, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    @mattshotcha. Has something changed in the back-end recently, specifically in regards to rolling perks? I've recently noticed that when rolling or deleting perks, after the third or so time, the game will give the following error: "Error updating perks: Too many requests." regardless of how long I wait between rolls/deleting. Once that happens perks cannot be deleted (if a new one was rolled) or no more perks can be rolled (if a perk was just deleted). Now you suggested to "take a beat" but it would seem that even counting 10 Mississippis between actions is not long enough. Therefore the error message that was incorporated to prevent the game from locking up is not a fully viable solution if it activates no matter what and the perk system locks up. And should you persist to try and roll or delete perks, the game will remove all your CP and perks and reset your level back to 0. Thankfully this is only a temporary bug and you can get around it by refreshing the connection to the server by going into a private match. This also allows you to start rolling/deleting perks again. But obviously it makes perk rolling an awfully drawn out and extremely painful process. Any help at all?

    I will bring this up to the team to see if they can look into what might be happening. The perk roll "cooldown" system, for lack of a better term is necessary and a byproduct of a separate fix. Problem is it has to be aggressive in order to handle the bigger task it was implemented to fix. So we've tried to dial it in where it is functional for rolling perks, but still functional at protecting the other areas of the game backend.

    Obviously this current setting is causing some frustration and we'll have to take a look. But the need to slow down will always be a part of the game from here out, as it is vital in other areas and far too late to rebuild the backend to handle this differently.

  3. Ok so going back to the earliest design of the counselors, they were not assigned ages and birthdays, but were all assumed to be in their late teens. So 18-19 years old. One exception being Kenny, who is in his mid 20's.

    Added characters do not have ages either, but can be assumed to be in the same relative range, with another exception being Mitch.

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  4. 10 hours ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    Apparently SPRAY SLIDING is now the (not so) new weapon sliding!!! 😩

    Did hope that by patching spray cancelling it would have removed this as well, but I guess not. I don't doubt it'll be long before it starts to catch on and become more rife in a similar fashion to how weapon sliding did. Only saving grace being that the counselor must be injured to use a spray and they will inevitably have a limited number of med sprays - up to 6 max with Medic... Until they find more spray cans, that is.

    Here is a clip of spray sliding from the counselors perspective. From Jason's perspective the counselor is spraying up as normal, but then teleports from their spraying spot to wherever they have actually ran to by the end of the healing animation, hence the whiffed grab and slash by the Jason player.

    @mattshotcha do you think you guys will be able to nip this in the bud before it becomes more widespread? Granted it is not an unlimited resource, but it definitely can be a game changer if damage is purposely controlled and sprays are managed properly.

    We'll have to keep an eye on it. I cannot make any promises at this point, though. 

    The team is currently looking at Switch voice and matchmaking issues, and still looking at the hacked lobbies situation on PC. Not only are those higher priority, but we are past active development. If I'm being brutally honest here, I don't think something this situational will see a fix at this stage in the game.

    EDIT: I also have to note that I wouldn't be able to confirm this without seeing the encounter from the Jason players viewpoint. 

  5. On 5/12/2021 at 3:58 AM, YouAndYourFriendsAreDead said:

    I returned to this game after a month to see the bed glitch is still a thing. Beyond disappointing this could never get figured out. 

    I wiped out a lobby of tryhards and then some pussy who knew he was fucked resorted to using the bed glitch and proceeded to trash talk over the mic for the rest of the match.



    And you couldn't kill him? Because there is still some instances of a visual thing, but the player can still be killed. Just want to make sure I'm clear on what happened and what was tried.

    32 minutes ago, The Rain said:

    The perk system fails all the time I can use 1 or 2 and it throws an error. do you have any idea about this? @mattshotcha

    Perk system requires you to take a beat between rapidly rolling perks and selling them. If done too quickly, it will trip the error.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Somethin Cool said:




    The visual bug wasn't necessarily the reason anyone used sliding. The counselor would only "disappear" if their ping was lower than Jason's. To a host Jason or lower ping off host Jason, the counselors simply looked like they were running around the map without stopping.

    Which brings us to the actual reason for sliding. Since you were effectively performing two actions at the same time (swinging and running), the game registered it as a swing that couldn't connect and the counselor was free to move around at a running pace for the duration of the swing. Another side effect was the stamina drain from sprinting was paused from the weapon swing for the full duration of the swing. This meant as long as you were sliding around the map swinging, you weren't draining stamina. 

    Yes, agreed and understood. I just know that for folks who maybe aren't as familiar with what sliding looks like and what it accomplishes from the perspective of the person sliding, they often see it as a teleport or otherwise misrepresentation of where the counselor is. This is why the average player report for sliding says counselors are teleporting around the map and cannot be hit.

    6 hours ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    How will we know any progress on modded lobby issue once the forum is shut down?

    We'll share any info we have on our various other channels.

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  7. 3 hours ago, gmintz09 said:

    Ah, I had always thought "sliding" referred to the counselor action seen in the video where they "slide" around.  I know the glitch you're speaking of, but I certainly never would have thought it was called "sliding"... 

    My apologies for the misunderstanding.

    No, I hear you. I understand. It's a good report, regardless. So thanks!

  8. 4 hours ago, gmintz09 said:

    Can confirm sliding is still very much a thing on Xbox One. Just saw this Adam doing it in a lobby this evening/early morning (for reference - recorded 5/6/2021).

    Will report to JasonKillsBugs...


    If you’re referring to the person who is moving, but the character isn’t in a run animation, that’s not the issue we’re referring to. Sliding was a name the community gave to the behavior where a counselor seems to teleport. It’s a weapon swing that makes the counselor move a great distance causing them to be harder to hit. 

    This looks like an animation isn’t showing, which is still a bug, just something different. Regardless, thank you for the report!

  9. 24 minutes ago, Somethin Cool said:

    @mattshotcha can you please explain to me why host Jason combat stance is delayed but off host Jason combat stance isn't. Why is there a delay in Jason combat stance at all? It makes absolutely zero sense.

    Any intentional delay, intentional as in created by the team and not a ping issue, is all part of the larger issues with input spam. As in, mashing buttons and changing states rapidly creating a desync or visual discrepancy between host/client. That input spam is tied to everything from double tap to sliding, etc etc.

    20 minutes ago, Floridant said:

    WTF O_o 


    Please don't drop strange links like that. If you're trying to report an issue, you can attach the screenshot directly to a JasonKillsBugs.com ticket.

  10. 33 minutes ago, Brock666 said:

    What is the timing for roll?

    Just a touch slower than the speed that gives an error.

    I kid, but in truth, I don't know the exact timing. It's a matter of server hits and the speed at which you hit the database servers. Because perk changes are database server hits.

    So while it is definitely a bit inconvenient, it's a necessary change.

  11. 37 minutes ago, The Milwauking Dead said:

    Has the patch gone live yet? I haven’t seen an update on Xbox. 

    Patch is live on all platforms.

    37 minutes ago, Brock666 said:

    Roll perks not fixed(((

    The roll system now requires you to take a beat between actions. If you roll and sell too quickly you can cause the system to lock up. 

  12. 16 hours ago, Carlso said:

    Nope, but Gun is banning who strams content of those mods. 

    That's not accurate at all.

    We're following the same ban process we have followed for my entire time at Gun. And while I cannot share the specifics of any players ban with anyone other than that player, I can share some key info on the process.

    ANY time we can independently verify for ourselves or corroborate a player report with information and evidence present on our side, we ban the player. We NEVER ban anyone off of a player report solely, and we also NEVER ban players for something we can not independently verify through the actual game account. So in short, keep your game account clean or get banned. That's always been the case. We're not just sitting here watching Twitch and banning people who stream something. That's not how that works at all.

    Changing those protocols one way or the other would be unfair to anyone banned by those protocols previously. So they will be followed for as long as people play the game.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Friday-Fan-88 said:


    I got a three questions

    1. since the offline bots aren't apart of the last patch, what if the offline bots break even more after the patch? 

    2. Say one day the online servers do shut down, will you guys atleast have some fix on being able to have things unlocked like the Jason's that are locked and can save progress? 

    3. Not sure if I asked this before to you if I did sorry, but will the bots still function when the servers do shut down?



    1: This is the last patch, so while I have to admit, if something were to go wrong it would only be looked at if it was a very major issue. That said, there should be no way for offline bots to break on their beyond active patches. With no one making any changes to that system, they should remain as they are when this patch launches.

    2: The current plan is to address the database servers if they ever need to be turned off. But that is extremely far off.

    3: Yes, bots will still function without servers.

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  14. 38 minutes ago, Phantom Stranger said:

    I don't know what triggers it exactly, but up in the hallway area on the 2nd floor of Higgins Haven where the bathroom is, what will happen 98% of the time is I will end up getting locked from just walking around that hallway. I'll still be able to move, but I cannot pan the camera or interact with anything. This is as a counselor (any).

    If it helps, I started noticing this issue several years ago when I started using perks. It got to the point where I'd just simply avoid going up there when playing the game. I haven't tested it enough to see if it's the perks causing the problem or if it's just a coincidence. The perks I use are Thick Skin, Medic and Marathon. I play on PC.

    Thanks for the info! I’ll check on it with the team to see if it made it into the final patch.

  15. 14 hours ago, Carlso said:

    Can Miller harm Gun in someway if Gun does nothing about the mod? Can this mode be a way to escape the judge's decision? Is that why Gun and moderators are treating the mod like a tabo? I would like to read honest answers fo what you guys know, doesn't matter if it is needed to close this thing after. If not, I'll be sad, but understand.

    @mattshotcha @Kodiak @JPops

    I am sorry, but I’m not going into the legal minefield of the lawsuit and what that all entails. I’ve already talked in depth on why mods in F13 are not allowed. That’s been the case for this games entire existence. That didn’t change just because the game content had to stop. 

    All that being said, we didn’t target and shutdown anything. We used the same ban process we’ve been using for my entire time at Gun. That process is in place to ensure that bans are handled cleanly. I understand how it might look, but we did nothing to change our process or otherwise target anyone.

    I hope that at least somewhat answered your question.

    29 minutes ago, Strigoi said:

    You tagged the wrooong 2 mods.

    Kodiak and Jpops are not Gun media employees and they will just shut this thread down.

    You might have better luck with just tagging mattshotcha.

    mattshotcha has all ready informed us that he doesent want to be tagged and he has all ready talked to us to death on this forum about why there can be no more content and why the game can not be opened to mods.

    No need to throw any shade at the mods. They close threads in accordance with the rules set by Gun. If you’re angry about a thread being closed, be angry at me not them.

     Also, I said I DO want to be tagged if you have questions. I don’t know if that’s a typo or if maybe you misunderstood me. I never I said I didn’t want to be tagged. Tag me in every thread you have questions about, that’s good with me.

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