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  1. 18 hours ago, Carlso said:

    He's playing with BOTs, therefore not affecting gameplay of others. Plus, he did nothing that ruins the game (quite the contrary actually). He's one of the only content creators that are still putting effort to keep this game alive. No reason to ban. 

    Why do you think he should be banned?

    With that point of view, no hacker should be banned.
    Anyone who uses glitch or gets into the code does not respect the rule of the developers.
    Obviously with your position the game is like this on PC everyone does what they want, nothing happens.

    Edito, thank God I was able to ban several a while ago.

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  2. 5 hours ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    Yeah he announced that after he experienced a modded/hacked lobby or 2 he was ONLY going to post videos of him playing OFFLINE against the AI counselors.You are breaking forum rules by the way by attempting to name and shame him. I have Jason X too but ONLY offline in a modded version of the game. It won't let me play online at all. I'm a stickler for banning hackers too,like I've reported and have gotten unauthorized Savini players banned before only because he is a viable Jason online and he is only meant for backers of the game. It's unfair for others who don't have him even though a quick search on a certain video hosting site will instruct you how to get him easily. It's rather pointless to ban anyone at this point now until they fix the hacked/modded lobby issue which IMO they won't be able to fix unless they change their stance on diving into the code which they have expressed they aren't going to do. The PC version is officially screwed right now.

    hey I don't say profile or anything.
    On the contrary, if we talk about breaking rules, if you make him play with Jason X, you do not comply with what the code says in the regulations.
    Hope the hacked games are solved,
    I prefer to play on my console because on PC it's a party, anyone does what they want, from youtubers who don't respect hackers at all, even you who use a modified game even if you don't bother anyone.
    By the way, a friend uses the region of Chile, Brazil, Argentina and tells me that there are no hacked lobbies, check to do it.

  3. 4 hours ago, tyrant666 said:

    He'd rather play offline bots on a modded build by himself over playing with the nonsense that is the regular build right now.

    I have no issues with that. He's not hurting or cheating anybody out of a win by playing with bots.

    I mean the choices are limited atm. People having to switch to consoles after playing PC for years doesn't seem fair. Until the modded lobby issue is addressed in some further capacity. I'd expect the playerbase to seek alternatives.

    I prefer to play on my console because on PC it's a party, anyone does what they want.

  4. 1 hour ago, glowing ooze said:

    play with jason rules.. the guy can play jason while wearing a bag with one eyehole. why would you want to ban a guy who plays the game in full jason costume? i am actualy very upset that you would try to get him banned.. just for using jason X offline??? what other rules do you think he breaks? ive never seen him doing anything dishonorable..

    I think just having Jason X is getting into the game's code.
    But don't get me wrong, I think I accept what it does.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Carlso said:

    He's playing with BOTs, therefore not affecting gameplay of others. Plus, he did nothing that ruins the game (quite the contrary actually). He's one of the only content creators that are still putting effort to keep this game alive. No reason to ban. 

    Why do you think he should be banned?

    I do not believe that the opposite should be prohibited. in a way you are understanding the code of the game. or am I confused?

  6. On 4/12/2021 at 12:47 PM, mattshotcha said:

    I wouldn't say it was too hasty, keep in mind, I'm not confirming yet that we'll be able to do anything more on the situation. But the situation has escalated to the point where we need to explore every possible option. See the major disconnect here is that you're not hearing everything I'm saying. And I take responsibility for that, I can try and explain this better.

    The game is WAY too far along to completely restructure something like matchmaking. That's still entirely true. There are other factors inhibiting that than just time, but that's a whole other side of the issue. I also didn't say anything remotely as widespread as you quoted here. You said I "issued a blanket statement that the game is too far along to fix an issue". I never said that. Hell, the upcoming patch has the fix for giant weapons in it. But what I need you to understand is that this isn't simply "an issue" in the game. This isn't a wonky integer that needs an adjustment and all will be right in the world. To make it sound like a broken pinky finger is way short of what it actually is. This is the spine, the core of a multiplayer game, and it's a system that was not built by the current team working on the game. 

    I hope that explains things better, feel free to follow up with any questions and I'll do my best to elaborate further.

    JasonKillsBugs.com won't do anything if you don't report anything. That's a fact. Support sites only work if players send in reports. While I report on things from the community, they will be able to keep tickets open and discuss in an ongoing fashion any details the team might request more info on and so on. They also will be able to quantify incoming issues to properly illustrate the level of impact within the community. It goes back to what I said earlier about working with you all.

    When is this patch supposed to come out?
    What problems will it solve?

  7. This year will we have a Halloween event?

    Or some discount in the game store to attract new players? Will there be new patches in the future?

    How long will dedicated servers still live, do you plan to implement peer to peer after they disappear?


    I appreciate any response. They are only doubts that I would like to know



  8. 1 hour ago, SirMang said:

    No there's no issue with player data.  People still play in private lobbies and the data is just fine. 

    If you disabled the dedicated servers, then everyone would be on public P2P servers thus it wouldn't take as long. 

    If all of these local saves are susceptible to hackers, as you want to claim, then why was the game initially released without dedicated servers where those saves could have been potentially compromised?  If these local saves are susceptible to hackers as you want to claim, why do we have private lobbies that are P2P as well? 

    You want to play this fearmongering game that the big bad hackers are going to come and steal your bread, yet the game was released without dedicated servers and still allows for private lobbies.  Both of which fly in the face of your remarks here.  Both of which still *gasp* saved player data.

    As apparently the patch you just released was garbage, as in it did not work, it was a waste of a month.  So take another month apparently and do the easy solution. a solution that  is simple, disable dedicated servers. 

    @mattshotcha oh so if I make simple comments with simple solutions while pointing out you're wrong both now and based on the history of the game you don't want to hear my opinion?  Awesome.  Silence the critics!  Keep up the ass kissing.  I hope you can figure out a solution to this problem before next year then, I'm sure you all are doing a bang job.  Especially with how fast you patch anything in this game.  

    Last comment...you really think people shouldn't be frustrated at the incompetence of fixing/patching/securing this game?  Seriously? 


    It is not to be against you, but the problem is not the dedicated servers. On PC, for example, there is a fatal error when having the game open without connecting to a dedicated server

  9. 28 minutes ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    I'd just like to know which is true A: They are taking revenge for getting banned  or  B: trying to get finished or almost finished content released and getting bugs fixed faster.  I've heard both excuses as their motive or is it neither. I'd lean toward A because if they are good enough to hack servers then they could have just gave everyone access to Savini, Jason X, clothing and kill packs that are  done and are in the game files.

    Hackers want to disturb. You can not play again. What content do you say?

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