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  1. Dude!Holy fuck,I saw your title and that’s the first one I thought of.Its the Jarvis house map and the basement under the actual Jarvis residence.All you gotta do is go behind the fridge and 3rd person peek and boom!Hidden.We should hide there together if you’re on PS4
  2. I’m liking P9 more and more every day,like the stun resistance and shift strength combo. Seems like p8 is the favorite among most people which makes sense,but when I make my ranking them off of appearance thread,will the order stay the same?
  3. Since I got a lot of answers on my favorite Jason music thread,I’ll make another fun thread for you.Rank every Jason in the game,including Roy and Savini,by strength. Edit:Is there a way I can do a poll,or is that reserved for the devs and Kodiak?
  4. Wow thanks for all the answers guys!Unfortunately I don’t have Savini,but when I’ve seen them the music is scary as hell. Also:It only gave me a notification for one reply.Why?
  5. Why thank you sir;based off your gameplay and your profile pic,do you like everything involving part 8?
  6. Ahhh that was so satisfying to watch.Like I genuinely enjoyed that.Nice work?I guess.
  7. Just ran into a lvl 150 yesterday who trapped the back stairs at packanack,as well as the drivers seat door or the car BEFORE the battery was in.
  8. Since it’s a slow time on the forums,I think I’ll start one of these up. Which Jason has the best theme/nearby music?(As in the music that plays when he’s near you.) i prefer Part 9’s or Retro Jasons electronic sounding one,but let my know yours.
  9. That’s the thing.When the lawsuit ends.Nobody knows when that will be.
  10. This one is really close.Like I said about part 6 before:he’s not the most mobile due to his -morph and inability to walk.His +shift does help though. Part 2 is almost the opposite.Very good morph and a +running,but I think the slowest shift in the game and bad water speed.His objective control might give him the edge,especially with the oh so common packanack small. They are almost completely opposite though.
  11. Uber Jason.New stats like that,especially the ones you proposed,would be a little too confusing.And It would be kinda odd for Pamela to see her own head at the end of the match.(Unless she gets a special end scene like Roy.)
  12. I was about to call you out for bringing up P2,who has no relevance to the post,but you saved me.I agree with your post though.His morph is horrible,and he can’t run like RB.However,his +shift and average water speed AND a plus shift makes him solid.
  13. Haha I love when I grab someone and they quit and Jason’s just standing there performing the kill on the air.
  14. I may be a little biased because I don’t have Savini.:(,but from the gameplay of him I’ve seen,P9 seems better.The only thing I’d give to Savini(other than his look) is his weapon strength and extra length.
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