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  1. I suspect you already knew the answer to this before posting. Like everybody else has said just don't cheat. The only advise you should be giving your friend is to look at guides on here. Don't spoil the game for the other players. Cheaters in a game turn away legit players and the player base will become smaller making it harder to find decent lobbies.
  2. A Quiet Place - 8/10 Really impressive film and its got Emily Blunt in it which is always a good thing. I do have a soft spot for creature features and I'm always disappointed if the said creature/s don't live up to the hype. These b***ards are as relentless and unforgiving as they are aggressive and hungry. There's the odd moment where you can't help but think "why didn't they just do that instead" or "why do they have to do that?" when the characters are doing their thing in the film but then I suppose the same could be said for all horrors. Definitely recommended. It would get a higher score but the bar is set unbelievably high however 8 out of 10 is an impressive score on my scale.
  3. I haven't seen Irreversible, Men Behind The Sun or The Human Centipede so I can't comment on those. However, I can say that Salo is the reason I will not watch Human Centipede or any other film now that just tries to shock as its main focus. I can't honestly recommend Salo to anybody. I was never bothered by gore and violence this side of being 8 years old but with Salo its not about that. It's the ordeals that those kids were put through and their treatment by the ruling classes purely for their entertainment. It's difficult to explain but the film itself left me feeling depressed and ultimately switched off any interest I used to have of films that purposely went out to shock ie Human Centipede. The only other movie I've seen that I can sort of relate to it is Street Trash. A completely different type of film but it left me with a similar feeling after watching it. Just not a good viewing experience for me. I have to watch Carpenters The Thing to restore my faith in horror whenever a film does this to me. I'm still a huge horror fan ... just not into THAT type of film.
  4. Just got this game last night for the Xbox One. I am now at work struggling to concentrate due to lack of sleep from playing as Jason for hours. Didn't even try the counselors I was having way too much fun killing them as Jason.
  5. Awesome post. A bit late to the party here having just got the game last night so I've got some catching up to do and this post is just the thing.
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