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  1. @Ahab Yes I know that I’m less experienced so yes your probably right. But so far if I’m in a match and the Jason is just grabbing and not slashing then my whole team is dead in minutes while I’m left alone. And I’ve never had a problem killing all counselors by my playstyle but that could be that I’m not playing against good counselors so that may be the problem. And also regarding the video the Jason would have to be pretty bad with Jason if he attempted a grab at the beginning and missed. But yes most of you guys are probably right I just haven’t played great counselors or against great counselors so far
  2. But wait the video would have only been 3 seconds long if he did what I’m complaining about which is grabbing you at full health. He never once grabbed you so you were able to get away, if he just grabbed you immediately without trying to hit you would have died. Also he made mistakes in that clip also.
  3. I also like the grab kills I just think it makes the game less fun when all you do is grab. When I play Jason I like to fight the counselors so what I usually do is I fight them or slash them until they are in the injured state (where they hold their shoulder) at that point I feel like it’s fair to grab them now because I have damaged them enough to earn that cool kill. The only time that I may do grab kills is when I grab someone out of a car or if they are in the water but that is technically not a grab kill. Also I feel like it’s not too hard to kill most of the counselors in a match by playing this way so I feel like being able to grab a counselor at full health not only seems unfair because you have not done anything to earn the kill but also makes matches too easy and fast.
  4. Even though I think grabbing at full health still makes the game boring thanks for all the tips. Hope you guys all have a good day.
  5. I can understand how Jason will probably need to have this ability when he is against high level counselors but when he is against low level counselors it is overkill because everyone gets killed quickly.
  6. Im new to the game in which i mean I barely started playing this month but I have been playing it for a good amount even though i barely got it. It could be because im a low level but most of my matches when im counselor is Jason grabbing everyone else and just insta killing them with a grab leaving me the last alive within 10 minutes. It could be that im not playing with good players. But I still don't like the idea of Jason having a move that can insta kill a group of people in mere minutes. Yes of course this should not happen with high level counselors. All im saying is that when your at full health it should be easier to get out of grabs instead of it just basically being an insta kill. It makes me just want to play as counselors that have speed and stamina such Vanessa. It makes it much less appealing to play as characters that have strength when I can't really fight Jason without getting grabbed and killed at full health.
  7. Yes I know I can usually keep Jason busy for a while it just sucks when your entire team gets killed by Jason in 5 minutes because he is just grabbing everyone and quick choking them. I realize if you have good teammates this won’t be a issue but it just sucks that the whole combat stance where you dodge and block is useless if Jason just grabs you instead of fighting you. In some situations Jason should grab for example when people are trying to escape on a car or boat but besides during that time it’s no fun doing that. Personally in my opinion when I play Jason I don’t pick up counselors when they are at full health I only grab them when they are injured (holding their arm and not being able to sprint) to me that makes it more challenging, exicting and fair. I could just grab everyone and win in 5 minutes but that’s no fun.
  8. #1 this is the only thing you can do but once he breaks down the doors staying in the house is not any safer than being inside especially if he is a Jason that can run. #2 Ya Of cause don’t get hit by those things but this doesn’t matter when a Jason is shifting and just trying to grab you. Also if he is a running Jason his shift can get him close to run and then grab you. #3 Zig zagging won’t do much against a decent Jason that knows how to shift. This is even more so if he is a Jason that can run. #4 This doesn’t matter if he is only grabbing. #5 Once again doesnt matter #6 Yes of course hiding is good but this wont last long against a decent Jason that knows how to use sense. Also if your in a hiding spot and are scared your dead because your character will make a ton of noise. #7 Yes of course stamina management is important. Also it may also just be more bothersome for me because even when I give Jason a long chase my teammates usually don’t do much during that time. Also what I don’t like about getting grabbed at full health is that trying to fight Jason is useless because he will just grab you instead of trying to hit you first.
  9. I’m new to the game ( got it through ps plus) but I’ve been playing it for a while. Is it common for Jason players to just grab everyone and insta kill them? In my opinion doing that makes the game really boring and fast. Makes first aid spray and knowing how to fight useless when Jason can just grab and Insta kill at full health. I don’t mind him grabbing when they have less health but feels completely unfair when he grabs everyone in 5 minutes and wins. Makes going against Jason impossible unless u have a very coordinated team that sticks together to help you break out. But that almost never happens. At least in my experience
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