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  1. I don't mean to be rude but i really wish people would stop telling me to play offline. If i wanted to play offline against a bunch of bots with super really bad AI, (have you seen these bots even on hard mode)? Then i wouldn't be interested in a multi player game. Secondly trying to get a bunch of people together all at the same time, that have lives and schedules isn't an easy thing to do.. Lastly I get everyone have games they prefer over others. Honestly saying dbd is a waste of money can just as easily be said about this one.. Trust me this game although being very fun has far more flaws in it from the little time i've been playing it. In fact the many friends i do have all try and talk me out of playing this game. One of the biggest gripes they have is the very topic of discussion. I however disagree with them and the many and i do mean many bad reviews i get about this game. I streamed it for the entire 5 or 6 hours i played today. I have a pretty good viewer base and lost most of my viewers because they didn't find it enjoyable to watch. HoweverI find it very enjoyable and fun to play and disagree with their assessment. I do agree with them in one major thing. I don't think it's all that difficult to implement a game feature that allows players to choose what they would rather play in any game mode. Think about it why on earth would anyone want to play a game where if they play all day and their preferred choice is killer and they don't once get to play it the entire time they are playing. I get the fact you can set your preference to killer or survivor.. Doesn't do much good if you are in a lobby and 5 out of the 7 people all have their preference set as killer. As a very expeirenced gamer i bet my bottom dollar this game would draw far more players if you could actually choose with you can play. There is a reason Dbd has far more players and people streaming it than this one. With that said this is a suggestion form and i put in my suggestion. I really don't need people telling me the obvious that i can play offline. I also don't want to be negative or unfair comparing one game to the other but if the formula works, it works.. Let people choose what they would actually prefer to play without having to hours and hours without getting to do so. I don't really need to say anymore on the subject. My suggestion was for the dev's and they will either listen to their community or they won't. Have a nice day. thomas
  2. That is what i'm saying. If Dead by daylight can do it this one should be able to as well. I have my preference set to jason and after playing for 6 hours today i didn't get to be jason once.. Considering i would rather play killer chances are i won't invest a whole lot of time in a game where i may get to be jason once a week.
  3. I know that.. Don't want to play against bots all day or forever. I meant real matches against players. I'm sure i'm not alone in players being able to choose which they would rather play. Shouldn't be all that hard to implement. Probably draw in more players too.
  4. I'm brand new to the game having just downloaded it. So i'm guessing this may have been suggested before but gonna do it anyway. My suggestion would be to allow players to choose to play as killer or counselor whichever they prefer.. Get rid of this random choice thing. I have no real desire to play councelor and don't really like being forced play as one. I'd rather have the choice be mine which i'd rather play. that is all. thomas
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