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  1. Hello crew, new person here with a quick question. Lately my friends and I have been playing rival game Dead By Daylight (since it was free this month for PS Plus users). We found it extremely fun, and it made a few of us interested in trying this game out as well. Half the guys in our group played this before though it seems, and they swear vehemently that it's not good 'cause Jason can be killed/stun locked super easy. I ran a few Google searches on the issue and all the topics/posts I found seem to just sort of stop around the March 2018 time frame. So the question is, is that still a thing? Or did it get patched up? The few of us that wanted to try this are still gonna give it a whirl, but I ask this 'cause I'm hoping that if there's been a change I can return to the group and talk the others into giving this a second chance as well. ^.^
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