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  1. When hella counselors are dead within like 5 mins of the game make it fun to wait like adding a mini game in the waiting menu or a trivia SOMETHING...or add to where you spawn as a random counselor after 1 death
  2. No your just going to keep seeing people say things on it until they feel like having "proof"...going to either fix it now or later anyway so you pick when.
  3. There is a bug on higgins haven where as interaction with repairing the telephone box isnt working and stalls out the second you try. Noted there was a well placed tree also but is a dynamic so wouldnt think thats it.
  4. Wrenches were all over a game i just played and worse part is they have like no stun except maybe with bugzy but id ask if theyd be usable to maybe build a bigger trap to trap jason?
  5. The interaction button freezes when playing as a counselor and shortly after attacking jason leaving one vulnerable to attacks.
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