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  1. Yes and no. Open NAT should not be enabled on your computer or other device like your PCs, tablets or phones, this NAT its only recommended on consoles only. So they only way to have an Open Nat or at least a moderate one, you need to call you internet provider, they are the only ones who can open your NAT. Don't trust you tube tutorials, as every company its different and what works in one state, won't work on other, so call your company and tell them this issue.
  2. Okay I have found the solution. I don't know if this will work for you but this fixed my problem. I called my internet provider and they told me that even tho my nat on PS4 was type 2, my Nat was actually strict. With this Nat I'm able to join but I'm unable to host (when you have strict Nat, only people with open Nat can join your host, but since most of the players use moderate, you always going to get an empty lobby). So, I asked if I could have an open Nat, and they told me that this wasn't possible bc the IP that I have, has this type of Nat, and I couldn't change it, I needed it to have a dynamic IP, so that the Nat that I have wouldn't be strict. (I'm not an expert in this topic so I'm just telling you what they told me). So after 2 hours of arguing with them on the phone, they told they were going to give the freaking dynamic IP. So they did, they open the ports in that IP. And guess what? Full lobby within 5 minutes. So I suggest you call you internet provider and tell them to open your Nat or give you a dynamic IP.
  3. I don't think so since there are ppl having this issue since the first time the bought the game, plus this issue have been around before even the salt mines where mentioned.
  4. Not at all. When my friends are the host, we get a full lobby within minutes, this has nothing to do with the amount of ppl playing.
  5. Okay so a little update. As you know, Sony has given away for free the game Dead by Daylight, so I downloaded the game to make a test and see what happens (if I was able to be the host or I wasn't able to host in any game). My surprise was that I was actually able to host (full lobby within 5 minutes). So, I don't think that my connection it's the problem here, they are similar games and if I'm able to host in one of them I should be able to host in the other. I'm pretty sure that this has to do directly to F13 servers. I'm not sure what to do now because it's clear that my connection works fine so this is not something my provider can help anymore. Contacting the devs is useless, they don't reply to this, and Sony doesn't know why this is happening so... Idk. You do guys have found out anything else?
  6. I guess you have a point. My company it's not AT&T and it's not related, (as there is AT&T in Mexico). I'm guessing you are right and it has to do with the Nat type. What my company told me was that the IP I have it's giving me a Nat that it's blocking others to join, but they can't open my nat bc I have static IP (not dynamic) so thats the Nat I have and can't be changed. (I don't really understand this therms but thats what they told me). So I'm stuck with not being able to host a single game.
  7. Yeah the thing here is that everyone situation here it's different. Some ppl started with this problem when they changed their connection, others it just suddenly happened, others have this since the first day they bought the game. Still, no one has ever found what is causing this or any solution. The devs had never replied to this.
  8. I'm not sure. Next Tuesday DBD it's coming for free on ps plus. I'm going to download it to test if this is a problem I only have with F13 or with all the games. I'm not sure what's going on here. I'm also going to try to change my router to another one. I will see how it goes.
  9. I'm not sure. With my older internet provider I used to have Nat type 2. A lot of ppl have Nat 2 and they can host without any problem. Idk what's the deal here.
  10. Okay so before I start, let me state that I'm new here and this is my first post. I already know that this topic has been mentioned before, (I have read all the posts) but no one has ever found a solution, so I'm here hopping someone knows how to fix this. So yes, I play on PS4, every time the game makes me the host, no one ever joins, it doesn't matter how much time I wait, I can sit there to 5 minutes to an hour and nothing. I have tried to restart the game, re-install the game, erasing cache, I even restarted my console, nothing. So here are my connection details, my download speed is 60 mb and my upload its around 6 mb. My nat type its 2 and for my dns I have used the one my provider gave me and also I have tried others dns, like Google dns. As you can see, it shouldn't be a problem with me being the host, but idk. I also have enabled UPnP, dmz and I have opened the ports. I don't know what else to do, I have read a lot of posts here and another pages (of different games) of ppl having same exact problem, but no one has ever find a solution. Now here its a little detail I notice and idk but it happened to me and a friend that has the same problem as me, we both use to have a internet provider but we decided to change company, we both used to be able to host without a problem, but once we chance our provider, no one joined our sessions. Idk if this its just a coincidence. Now, I know what you guys think, just go back with your old company, well the thing is that I'm from Mexico, and my older company only gives 6 mb/s, as you can see its nothing comparing with the 60 mb the other company is giving, if this problem goes on, maybe I'll go back, but still I'm hopping that maybe some here can finally tell me how to fix this.
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