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  1. Hey there everyone! I finally got the game about 2 weeks ago on PS4(physical copy) and i have an extremely minor issue. Every loading screen is ALWAYS the same. I have played atleast 50-60 matches and it's just that loading screen inside the cabin. I visited a friends house and had no idea there were other load screens. It would be nice if anyone had any suggestions. I know it is really small but it would be nice to see some variety.
  2. Wow a 100? That's incredible if true (take my money lol). But I really care about the head bang one in particular
  3. I remember seeing over all what seems like about 30-40. Which seems extremely impressive.... But I'm wondering about the details and specifics. I'm sorry for my ignorance but I haven't followed the game as much as you all. I remember seeing Jason slam a girls head in a door in a early trailer.(is this one still in the game?) A water kill. Putting someone's head in the toilet. So how many variations to do we get exactly? And how does it work? Can a diff Jason do different stuff? Have some kills been cut? also really hope the door head kill is still in their lol.
  4. RUN. Scream. Curse. And then throw my controller down in that order XD.
  5. Even though I'm not happy about the way the rating boards handle nudity over violence...... Atleast there is a silver lining kinda. Id rather have the whole package (pun intended ;)). But I mean violence and the kills are more important at the end of the day and it looks like we are getting plenty of that. So I'm still buying it and I hope it's as addictive as it looks.
  6. And thats the nutty thing to me is that both countries are behind in ways that make absolutely no sense. Australia =crackdown on games, fine with some drugs. USA= fine with as much violence as possible pretty much but you can't smoke weed in a majority of states. Crazy world we live in. But to get us us back on topic the gore in the trailer looked pretty intense. Will Australia get that full on gore, or will theirs be toned down?
  7. I knew about all that but damn them! I didn't know they were still the thought police when it came to games. I wonder if the violence for this release will be toned down for them in their version.... because then again they are allowing Outlast 2, a game with immense gore and (some)nudity in it.... that's why I wish the team here would implement maybe like a censored version for them. But oh well I'll live!!!! Lol. I can't wait for the day when AO games aren't frowned upon. But its probably like some people tried to tell me. If single player is basically bots it would be hard to implement nudity into a multiplayer game like this. As we won't be having sex while running.
  8. Well that's certainly pretty disappointing. I didn't expect any extreme nudity or sex but I would have appreciated a little bit. Especially after this statement. "Fans of the “Friday the 13th” film series know that when it comes to Jason Voorhees, violence, gore and nudity aren’t just concepts to consider – they’re necessities." does Aus really care about a little brief nudity that much? Could they not blur it out for them? I thought most of their hang ups were with gore(which thankfully is the most important thing this game has a ton of). someone threw that qoute at me in another topic when I asked a year ago. Still going to buy the game obviously tho lol.
  9. Wait. Since single player is a separate entity does that mean I might get my wish of nudity and drugs in the game?
  10. So I guess it is now confirmed that there is no nudity? Slightly disappointed. Edit: or does that mean nudity could be coming for the single player later down the line, as well as drugs and stuff like that? Just wanted to say the game looks amazing! And I'm not hating on it in anyway. I'm definitely going to buy and play it and obviously not having nudity doesn't affect gameplay at all. But it is a tradition of the franchise that would be slightly disappointing to me. Can a dev or other member chime in and confirm or deny?
  11. Extremely awesome! but as I'm the one who made the "will there be nudity thread" along time ago I'm disappointed in that part
  12. Don't mean to bump the thread for the sake of it but I haven't really been following the news on the game lately. Any news on my question?
  13. Personally I'm still holding my ground and want a first person mode lol. But it's your game and you guys have to be the ones to make that call. Because obviously I haven't played the game and don't know how it works. I do wanna say one thing though. You guys are really awesome and I appreciate the fact that you actually take feedback and respond. It actually makes me want to buy the game more because it shows that your team has the maturity and respect for the franchise and its customers. If you can maintain this relationship with your fans after launch I think you will do great!
  14. I understand. But I just wanted to get my thoughts out there to the devs in case they're listening. Of course I'll need to play the game before making a final judgment I suppose.
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