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  1. Also, I just checked known issues, and it looks like this is already in the list. So, I don't know how to delete topics on here, but I guess it can be deleted by moderators. Please delete this, because this doesn't help or change anything anyways.
  2. Hello @aurllcooljay. Yeah, now this happens very rarely. Actually, can't remember when this happened to me last time. Maybe this is side effect of one of the patches or just a luck. I've thought about this, and the only problem that can arise is that you can mistakenly be put into mysterious Salt Mines, which don't seem to be working anyways. So, I guess it's not a big deal.
  3. Hi! I'm not sure about where to post this, so I've decided to do this here. I also do not really expect any response, so if you just took a look, that's enough for me, because the purpose of this post is mostly to get a bit of attention to these problems (maybe, once again). I just want to speak out, or something like that. These problems, that I've encountered a long time ago, was out of my sight for a long time but reminded me about themselves recently. Though I'm not sure how exactly everything is done, I assume the following. So, the first one is the police blocking volume. Somehow, it still blocks when it should only overlap - when police has arrived. This causes some problems - when a counselor touches the volume (reaches a police area), it doesn't let them to walk through for a short amount of time. Jason can catch them at this moment, but a counselor is going to be considered escaped after a short time... From this point I can't really tell what causes the following problem. I saw this happened recently but might miss something. Assumption is: IF Jason catches a counselor when they reached a police "border" and kills before counselor' state changed to "escaped", game comes into a dead state when nobody is left but the game still continues (or others were killed, I think it doesn't really matter. After or before this "problematic" counselor). I assume this because it happens often the other way - when Jason kills someone, but for some reasons only a state of that person is changed to dead, though they are "alive". If that person escapes - the bug happens. Combat controls problem is super simple - I don't get it, should you hold "attack button" for heavy hit and click for simple, or...? I see it that way. But the game... it has it's own ways. Sometimes you want to hit with a heavy hit (or what is the name) but it just doesn't happen. I tried to figure it out on Jason but it seems like it's random. I don't know... Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi @Dead Meme. OK, so I guess if somebody else can confirm that, it can be counted as a bug. Or considered to be one. I was playing the game at the moment I wrote this post. We were trying to kill Jason, but, well... Tommy wasn't there and it's almost the end of a match. So, Vanessa stunned Jason with a sweater and they, together with Tiffany brought Jason to his knees... 4-6 times in a row. Not sure about his ping. I don't know, the guy who was playing as Jason couldn't explain what happened to him. Wierd.
  5. I got you, @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow! Cheaters indeed became a part of the game by now, sadly. And that's sucks. Guys, a while ago I've noticed that when you play as Jason and being stunned with a sweater, first the screen shows a "resist" bar, but when Jason being hit again and brought to his knees, the screen shows "rise" bar and you need to bash "e" again from the start, though a "rise" bar fills faster. (PC) I think before, there was only one bar, I've never paid attention to it. Or has it always been like that?
  6. Hi @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow! I have never met such hackers but I can't prove you wrong. But 350 out of 400 seems too much. 50 out of 400 would be more realistic. I mean, I know some of them, not personally, because they were showing up pretty often, and it's just around 5-8 people or so (EU server). Sometimes they bring their friends, but those do not stay for long. I consider a hackers in this game like a "madness" game difficulty for Jason ? (If Jason is a hacker, there's no point of playing at all). I can play with them once or twice, but overall this is boring, and I'm totally don't understand why they're doing this. Regularly... Not important part: What I was talking about, is not probably a hiding spots problem in particular, it's a little problem of most sorta old games, as I see it, with the sound. It doesn't have a properties of a real sound, as air absorption and listener focus, proper attenuation and stuff. If you ever played Unreal Gold (I can't give another examples unfortunatelly) - this is some kind of mess. You pretty often can't figure out where a sound comes from, it feels like it is close, but it's not, and this confuses too much. In case of hiding spots - loud voices make searching easy for Jason. Sometimes, I even "playing" searching, by breaking wrong beds and closets to make it look like real searching. Because I already know where that person is and it's boring. Where is the tension? Jenny is the only character that can last long enough in this "game". But again, this kind of changes can change the balance of the game, so... yeah.
  7. @Whitebabyjoker, my point was that this is aesthetically wrong. But if nobody else think that way, I'm not going to bother anyone. I don't have problems with hiding spots because I personally don't even need to hide most of the time. Well, if that's really impossible because of the lawsuit, this is strange.
  8. Guys, I'm playing for about a year, I'm not a total noob. But don't you think it just sounds wrong. How are the sounds from a closet may be that loud?
  9. It's wierd. What the volume of the sound has to do with the lawsuit? Yeah, I am not using hiding spots most of the time. I don't understand how someone can speak that loud being inside a closet, this is just wrong, makes no sense. Like that was made to attract Jason. I mean, even if he is not even in the room. You can hear voices even outside the cabins.
  10. @[IllFonic]Courier, I don't want to annoy anyone, but could you please answer my question that I've posted in the beginning of this thread? I didn't found anything in particular on the forum about this. Or point out to me some another thread.
  11. Hello. I'm curious is the current hiding mechanics works as intended? I mean, I'm not sure, but I think many people may find hiding useless and even dumb sometimes. Because counselors voice lines are too loud. It is enough to just come into a room and wait untill they reveal their location. If you're attentive enough, this makes it too easy. Can't their voices be muffled and loudness lowered? For Jason? Edit: And also, when you hold your breath for really small amount of time, counselors still exhale like they were holding it for long. IMO, to make sounds like this you need to hold your breath for about a minute or so. Edit: Ah! And one more thing. Chad has no hiding spot voice lines. Instead, he says his "dead body reaction" lines. But maybe this was fixed, I don't know.
  12. Hi! Played the game yesterday and... that was fun. There were bugs and glitches. But I had no focus on them. Funny - the evening began with that in the first lobby there was this cheater... but surprisingly he left. And there was no cheaters till the end. I died as Jason... ? The other guy died twice... ? I fought Jenny as Vanessa... Well. It is still sometimes reminds me of a movie, because there's is a teamwork, sometimes. And good-old relief that we made it till the end together. Depending on situation, I do objectives almost always. And others do. I don't know, everyone sees it all their own way. One day it sucks, one day it's kind of cool. So... well, the game is not dead for me and I don't understand why all that fuss has started that early.
  13. Hi guys. Could it be already late for suggestions? I wrote everything (well, almost) I was thinking about, but the most important would be the own dedicated servers and ability to host the public match when you want and not when you can't connect. Because now system tries to connect for about two minutes and if there's no available servers, only then creates your own lobby. On PC. So what you think? Has anyone ever needed this? Also, I support the client side saves idea. Actually, have somebody noticed that you can't play offline modes when you're offline in Steam? Isn't this kind of wrong?
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