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  1. Thanks to Easyanticheat for the ban wave yesterday. All those using Steam Crack and speedhack have been banned. 😂
  2. I have already reported players with a speedhack to jasonkillsbugs and they still play the game 1 year later with the same Steam, and the same hack ... I gave up doing it because it takes 8H Youtube download for 20 minutes of play, for nothing finally. I don't care because I found a trick not to die when Jason grab me with his hack. 😀 The best is to leave the lobby when you recognize toxic players. Don't waste your time reporting.
  3. You're lucky, the teamwork in my game is not the same. And I don't have the manual to avoid trolls. 😬 I have good matches too, but you have to sort the lobby.
  4. Russians are using speedhacks right now. They are not numerous but as usual in a few weeks if EAC is not updated, it will get worse.
  5. It's a bloody Savini, it's hacked too. That's all there is left of the base of players, hackers and cheaters.
  6. Not this one but others and I watched the Steam profiles of hackers and they are still not banned. I also sent the modified pak file to Jasonkillsbugs.com 1 month ago because a Russian posted the download site in the lobby. I tested the solo hack on a new Steam profile to test and it's just LOL. I would like it fixed because the EU server is full of these hacks
  7. They don't ban hackers that modify the pak file. Do you expect them to correct the teamers? LOL
  8. You'll not get answers because this is taboo. I uninstalled the game. They did not understand why there are only 200 players left.
  9. This would encourage players to fix so everyone knows they have helped.
  10. There should be stealth messages that appear on the screen as soon as someone achieves a goal like for example "Slasher_Clone put the gas", "KenshiroHNK has repaired the phone box" We know who did what and who is deserving to survive.
  11. Good initiative, I hope we can see the video for those who are not present. 😉
  12. As nothing is done about it hackers have improved their hack. It is possible to use infinite shift with any Jason. Before it was only with part4 and Savini. 1st part of the day 1 hacker...
  13. It must not be the same player, they have multiplied since ... I always kill myself to be a spectator when I know that Jason is cheating. Sometimes it's funny when he can not catch the players despite his hack.
  14. The counselors cheat on the roof but you know that Jason cheats too?
  15. I found and sent the hack file page (8GB) to Jasonkillbugs.com 1 week ago. 🤞
  16. I see more players using Infinite Shift + Savini dll than players who ride on the rooftops. 🙄
  17. Important question please. The server Europe is infested with Russians with shift and infinite sense with party4 and Savini. I can not play anymore. A patch is planned for this? Thank you.
  18. I can't edit the Steam screenshots sorry. The clothing pack for physical copies, but they were not delivered with the physical copy on pc except bloody Jason.
  19. Could you remove the files from the clothing pack of the physical copy because the hackers have been using it ever since. This is an exclusive console because I have the physical copy but not the code of the clothes. Or free it for everyone. Thank you, long life to Friday that I love!
  20. It's been a long time since you've played online is not it? Today the Russians have Savini and the clothes of the backers and a hack that allows to be level max in in few minutes. No worries, everything is fine.
  21. Hello Makred78 (English is not my language). I decided to create a new Steam account to activate the code of my physical copy PC and I confirm that the pack of clothes is not there. All those who have these clothes in the game use what you know to unlock them. I recorded the opening of the box for the curious. Do you have the same box? Merry Christmas!
  22. Sometimes I do my dishes while I wait in the lobby . This game takes all my time after my work. He exasperates me sometimes but I can't live without it !
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