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  1. 14 hours ago, 82912 said:

    idk is that really fair? killing the newer player who doesnt know what he's doing and hoping they become tommy?

    It's always the same scenario that I see as a spectator. The 2 players who hit you early in the game don't care about dying, THEY WANT TO BECOME Tommy. They quickly unmask Jason to the death. When Tommy arrives, Jason is already unmasked and Jarvis' boyfriend just has to take the sweater. Ignore them so that one of them is not Jarvis.  You will keep your mask, at least longer also. 🙂

  2. 20 hours ago, MovieWatcher101 said:

     2.the controlls for the boat wont appear after fixing it could be a trick done by jason ?

    For the boat command to appear to start you have to turn to the starter when you are on the boat. You will see another command E.

    As soon as you see her, press E, not before

    EDIT I can't post a screenshot so I made a short video because I just repaired the boat

  3. I remember my first game, a player was waiting at the wheel of the car which was smoking excessively when Jason stopped him(at the time). I ask him to start it, he tells me no, I have to wait for the battery to cool down and no more smoke. I believed this until the max lvl then I realized later that he was surely playing with Jason and that it was a trap.

    I lost this innocence today 🤭

  4. 17 hours ago, Somethin Cool said:

    Try using combat stance as counselor. You'll quickly see what everyone is talking about.

    Today, I survived with Jenny for the last 12 minutes of the game on my own as everyone had escaped and Jason was in a rage. I haven't used the combat stance once. Players don't know how to use it wisely anyway. No one will ever be happy, I know, but for PC gamers this is a trifle when you can no longer connect to the game with hacked lobbies. 😔

  5. Well I haven't changed my game mechanics and I don't even know what you're talking about with that combat stance lol.

    I play as usual, quietly fixing what I can, avoiding Jason and escaping. Many players prefer to take 20 minutes to try to survive but it is their choice. Escaping even in the first 3 minutes isn't even boring because I'm having fun as a spectator too. I'd rather the developers now focus on hacked lobbies rather than fixing this final patch (except for switch issues).  

  6.  If I had his address to this guy I would put on P.8's costume to smash his front door in 3 knocks, silently with stalk. While he laughs with deployed throat in front of his computer seeing his lobbies full I will cut off away the electricity generator. While he's going to the cellar to change the fuse I will throw away his computer out the window. When he sees the door smashed in I will use my shift to grab him before he runs away, then extract a confession about his hacks with my machete under her throat. Then, I will swap my Jason costume for that of Shelly in my lawyer costume and my verdict will be final, 13 years in prison with the sole activity of mending the holes in Jason's socks and knitting sweaters to infinity for his mother Pamela !!!  😈

  7. 6 hours ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    Servers cost money do they not? They aren't real cheap either from what I understand. So they are paying to keep servers up 24/7 just to disrupt normal game play and to punish people who reported their hacks? Isn't there a way to trace these servers down and see who is paying for them and shut them down?

    No, we are the pretext. Without us they would have done the same. They influence players to get them on their side and approve of their actions. But these players have no knowledge of their goals. For the public, they finish the game but they hide well from these same people that they are behind the pirated lobbies.


    36 minutes ago, Psychophonic said:


    I thought they didn't care about being banned because they had free accounts.  🤭 
    Putting a game in peril all of this because of a war between gangs who hate each other mmmhmh lol. These poor kids don't realize they are committing a crime by sabotaging the game and its community.  

    Gun should file a complaint for the theft of their game 😱

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  9. Le seul match normal que j'ai eu de "France" était avec 3 Savini craqués et j'ai obtenu 33 000 xp à la fin du match. 😐

    Dès que vous vous connectez, vous rejoignez un match piraté déjà en cours. 

    EDIT Edit: And the 2nd lobby that I found the host was using a trainer. 👌

    I have tested almost all download regions and it is only in China that the lobbies is not hacked. BUT I don't recommend going at all 😱

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  10. 2 hours ago, tyrant666 said:

     5.  .but the cheats for Counselor/Jason and the console trainers are just eh

    You're right, console gamers are the luckiest. If I had known I would have played from the start on ps4. Too bad the clothing pack code doesn't work on console, it would have motivated me to start a character again while waiting for a next game.  😔

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  11. At some point in the day when we leave a hacked match we go back to a new one. I noticed 3 lobbies hacked simultaneously on a single download region. There should be an option that allows you to choose to be the public host. Those who indulge in these lobbies will stay there, those who want to play the game the way it's designed will avoid them. We would have a better chance of getting a normal lobbies if several normal lobbies are created.

    Everyone would be happy.  😁

  12. 22 minutes ago, tyrant666 said:

     - Hype up Paranoia, then cancel it because it 'wasn't fun'. Hindsight being what it is, they might as well have just added those custom match settings from private lobbies to public lobbies for the host when they knew they would eventually be shutting down dedicated servers. At the very least, this would've offered more game mode types than simply giving up on a game mode AFTER hyping it on social media.

    Those are just the biggies that we've all pointed to at one point or another. Obviously, there were other misfires, but those stand out at least in terms of the content pool.

    Well I found myself in a match with the Paranoia mod today. The host was a hacker. I didn't know that was it and I didn't understand that there was no Jason. It was really boring and I understand that it was canceled. 

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