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  1. True, but I’ve heard that gun media said even after the law suit there still won’t be any new content.
  2. It’s really weird to see one of the makers of the franchise is blocking it from going any further.
  3. Haha all of this reminds me of the old man from UP
  4. So if they didn’t go for the first film content then this never would have happened? I’ve only done a little research on this.
  5. Hmm so that’s what this law suit is all about ? Did they want gun media to cough up more cash? Or were they pushing to take all the profit? Seems like a Hollywood move to me.
  6. It’s always the money. It feels like the creators want f13 to die. Gun media just wants to put out a great game following a great franchise. But it seems almost impossible to bring f13 back from the dead. Rip I guess.
  7. Okay so Like I’ve been told countless times that once the law suit is over there will be no more content still. But like there’s always been talk of a movie coming out. So what if in the next three years when this game has had its shine, there might be a f13 movie (there’s a new Halloween movie coming out that might inspire the other slasher films) so maybe if there was another movie with new characters and new locations then there could be potential for another game staring those charectors and maps. #FridayThe13thSeaquel #FridayThe13thPart2 *or something*
  8. Wha? Sorry I’m new to forums and have no idea how to do it. I think of it as Twitter ?
  9. Would love to see those bug fixes and all but in a few years people would be over it. It’s just the curse of games I guess. Haha dead by daylight looks like trash sorry. I can’t do those graphics.
  10. Aww! Well that sucks. What do you think will happen in like the next three years. It would be pretty dope if this was like mortal combat and they just keep refreshing it ? or injustice where they literally make the same game and call it new. I just love this type of game play and I don’t want to see it end. How the game did quick play is just amazing! But maybe once the Halloween movie comes out and if it does well we would be seeing something like this but with the Michael Myers character.
  11. okay so like please don’t get salty w/ me because I’m new to this fan base stuff. But I’ve read a few articles on what’s been going on with the whole lawsuit and what not. And the no more content, but I’m just curious that once the lawsuit is finished if then there might be more content and if not why.
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