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  1. Amen Brother I''ve run into some dumb 12 year olds who think they know better and let me tell you they are usually the first to die. Also why do people want to go back to when if the host ISN'T Jason the whole lobby is kicked cause the host left? Plus why the hell would you go onto twitter, whine, complain, harrass and yell at the Devs to fix this now. That shit ain't going to work and nether will making an account here just to advacate the game is dead cause of servers.
  2. Steam was a bit iffy tho I got the error which in my experience wasn't very often as even before this it only happened once. tho I am not surprised that Nintendo Switch version has no error
  3. My switch version seems to work just fine did a couple of matches with bots and an online match without much trouble
  4. I'd like to see you list these so called 30+ bugs and patched ones don't count.
  5. I swear do people just only post to this fourm just to see whats broken? Every game will have Issues made for modern systems (and PC).
  6. This is just another BS thread. #don'tfeedthetroll
  7. Boy grow the fuck up! What would you like them to do? Cause taking all the weapons off the map would only make this game less fun and more like DBD. Who the fuck cares if someone new to the game is getting smacked around like a punching bag is it their falut? No its not as I was in a group of newbies and they still beat his ass but also got killed by Jason so I don't get what they would/could change that makes him equal to the counsolers without pissing off the counsoler mains.
  8. Never had a Fatal Error so I'm calling BS on your remark.
  9. Giving Jason a Buff will only make the Counselors complain that he is TOO OP and vice versa, Balence issue my foot I'm 139 and still don't get everyone in a match.
  10. I barely even use blocking both as Jason and as a Counselor mostly because I forget about it. On the topic of laggy games I ONLY find it to be laggy on epic, high or medium graphics settings and I CAN SEE IT! I turn down the graphics to low and keep V-Sync on and it may not "Look Pretty" but at least I don't have choppy movement and before someone comes along and asks what I am using to play its a Lenovo Gaming Laptop that I have had for years still runs fine and it has two Nivida Geforce Graphics cards in it. I am not a believer of a game has to be at High or Epic settings to be playable cause all it does for me is make the game play worse and can I just point out that people should quit whining about balence. If you make Jason stronger then counselor mains will start whining that he needs to be debuffed and vice versa for Jason mains complaining about counselors needing a debuff. I actually find the people who quit because they aren't Jason quiting and the ones who are Jason quiting cause 1 counselor escaped, like grow up and try to get the rest.
  11. People should keep in mind that steam sales have to be submited months in advanced so that $5.99 steam sale for the Halloween Steam Sale was not made to cover losses it was submited to Valve back who knows when, I just laughed at anyone who said thats what the game should of been sold at when it launched cause you think that a Horror Game this iconic would sell on store shelfs for $5.99. I still play this game and love it even with the randoms who are trolls and the like. The whole thing about Uber Jason being a selling point loss for the game is just getting old now can we move past that one fact already and just enjoy that we even have a Modern Friday The 13th game at all. I would like to also say that Patches will always bring bugs as a addon to this statement of mine over on a youtube video.
  12. This is the dumbest suggestion I have read so far. Jason is always the killer PERIOD!
  13. I hope that this will calm the fire of hate towards you guys as game makers.
  14. I still would like to see a picture of the C&D Order if they even got one that is. Also lets be honest that some blame should go towards the people in this community with everyone being so toxic. Is it better? Maybe...but at least I don't come here everyday and see everyone being toxic or in the steam forums which while I still see it happening, it is not everyday much anymore. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone or call BS on what they might say.
  15. I think he is just making a joke I don't see it as anything else.
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