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  1. The devs have clearly given up so it appears everyone else is as well. And why shouldn't we? There is no reason to keep building hope for the hopeless.
  2. Let's just hope they are hard at work at fixing this and not treating it like a minor problem. A broken game of this magnitude could literally kill a huge chunk of the playerbase if it isn't addressed immediately. No more excuses for Illfonic, it is time to put up or shut up.
  3. I am still waiting on my soundtrack. Haven't heard anything about it in months. That is my biggest problem with Kickstarter. It seems to promote unfulfilled promises with no repercussions at all. My trust and faith in this company have pretty much diminished. Every single time I have backed something it has been a mistake. 4 projects I backed and they all turned out to be total shit. Never again will i do it no matter how interested I am.
  4. After Friday's patch I am sure they need all the players they can get. This is going to mean a huge drop in players that they cannot afford.
  5. IMHO I think it is the other way around. I think they have the talent they just don't have the heart and dedication. Shifty said himself they don't work weekends. When you are THAT far behind in literally every aspect imaginable and you can't spare some overtime then I am sorry but that is just plain fucking sad. Look at successful developers and most of them go an extra mile to smooth things out when its looking bleak. It is common practice for a successful business and they lack it.
  6. It most likely won't/can't switch developers at this point. We are stuck with Illfonic and I am guessing they will slowly kill the game off just to put it behind them. Of course they don't seem to realize that they are actively bastardizing their reputation for future projects. But that is their problem I guess.
  7. I think at this point a rollback of the last hotfix is an absolute MUST. That MIGHT give me enough incentive to go back to the game right here and now. I still have faith that eventually it will be fixed but to be honest I am getting a little impatient with all this so a little time off is something I probably need anyway. I am sure after the "hotbreak" the player count is going to drop dramatically so lets see how quick they act upon this.
  8. You sound like you are very passionate like I am about this game and I am relieved to see that I am not alone in my feelings here. I have wanted nothing but great things to come from this game and for the most part that has been a success. It is a very unique game that has an experience like no other. It also has a very fun and pleasant community of players and I have met many, many cool people. But, like you said, this current state of the game is nothing short of alarming and disturbing. We can't keep doing this whole 3-4 month wait just for the game to take steps BACKWARDS.
  9. I think I do need a break, that is very good advice. I hate to see this game in this situation and I honestly do hope things can get ironed out and back in working order. I dont want to be right but its looking pretty bleak at the moment.
  10. It saddens me to say this because I really do love this game and what it has brought to the table. I have been an advocate for this game since I heard it's announcment. I backed the game and i have been playing since day one. It kills me to say that I have finally had enough. Patience is something i have granted this game and there is no way i can spare any more. This game is an absolute MESS right now and it somehow keeps getting worse with each patch and hotfix. The game was in a better state during beta by far. How does this happen? I just cannot overlook how utterly unplayable this game is right now. Car rubberbanding, med spray not working, escape suicide, jerky and awful looking animations during a kill as Jason, and now i cant stop the car while its in reverse when I perfectly shift behind it? What the actual f is the point in a hotfix that fixes absolutely NOTHING and breaks even more mechanics than before?! You would have been better off making yourselves out to be liars (we are used to that) than to have pushed out this abomination of a "hotfix" today. I think maybe it is time to fire Illfonic and hire a REAL team of developers who have an actual passion for this game. Clearly it is not that joke of a team. But hey do what you want Gun, its your baby and you need to take better care of it. This is coming from the heart of a diehard fan. Call it tough love or call me an asshole but please prove me wrong in thinking that this game is doomed. Much love to everyone in this community. Easily the best I have ever been a part of.
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