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  1. I'm pissed at myself more than anyone else now because I believed all their bull and defended them countless time, was even harassed at one point for being a "positive pansy" Then after all that we all get kicked in the balls and made the people who defended them look like fools. Which I admit I was at the time and I chugged the kool aid from a keg like most of the "dedicated fans" But even as hopeful as I still was at the beginning of this year I was starting to loose hope for Dedicated Servers then. It's just foolish at this point to believe that even if DS do drop that they will be up long enough to even be noticed. We all got screwed because we were blinded by the hope of what we thought we were getting as far as DS and DLC and Gun and IllFonic used that to poke us really nicely with a splintered broom handle. They have nobody or nothing to blame but themselves for this mess. Even if the lawsuit wouldn't have affected them they would have still screwed us royally because it obvious from their DS over new content decision that they were giving up hope of ever fully fixing the bugs and glitches ect. They were in over their head at the beginning and just now realized they were drowning. Atleast that's what I think.
  2. Seen it also.....idc lol I would like to have it just to explore, even if only for a few minutes. If I went to Dunkin Donuts and got robbed I would rather escape with half a doughnut than none at all lol.
  3. Hot Coffee precedent? The topic the devs refuse to even acknowledge exists? pretty much what I was thinking also.
  4. Sooooo how exactly is F13th Killer Puzzle still adding new (Jasons) content? Not being a prick, just curious.
  5. @Slasher_Clone What e-mail from Vic are you referring to? Not looking to stir crap up, just curious.
  6. Just an average dude, playing a counselor dude being stalked and killed by a murdering dude that don't like other dudes being at his camp.
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