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  1. Fair Play please keep the topics in this forum about the Friday The 13th Game and not a different game
  2. Can't trust this team when their "patches" seem to create new issues with every release. So from what a person I believe said earlier this team is milking the franchise name for all its worth while saying they are supporting the game with its "patches".
  3. Long Story Short: We (the gamers) were given a licensed game by a team of underexperienced developers who could not think and see the game from a gamer's viewpoint so we got a broken game at launch and to this day it's still broken (even with the lawsuit halting new content). We should've gotten a more experienced team instead.
  4. In the end if that's all they give us (they definitely need to give us more than that) I feel sorry for any publisher that works with them in the future cause they will be given a terrible product on the release date.
  5. I see what you are trying to get there with the example but that same logic there cannot be used for this situation. I stand by what I said, the developers didn't take things into account when they made the game and they still don't even though small changes are all they can do now thanks to the lawsuit
  6. Use a character with a good stealth stat and use stealth based perks. That's what I do in every match
  7. I don't understand why people who (suprisingly) have it would take it as a slap in the face, the trophy requirements were not well thought out in the first place. So they shouldn't take it as a face slap. As I said before the slap is coming from the developers to us (the gamers). The game has been essentially dying for awhile now and with the lawsuit stopping any new major updates, this is on the list of things that they can change to the game to make it better.
  8. The trophy requirements are the real slap in the face, the developer did not take into a account what kind of game this is. Depending on the type of game a few hundred or more would be no problem but for this game that is not the case, insanely long grinds in a game like this are not fun at all and there is no sense of achievement from them more like "oh god finally, the nightmare is over".
  9. Great ideas especially the lowering of trophy requirements. Lowering the requirements wouldn't at all be a slap in the face. A slap on the face was done to us gamers by the developers when they created the insane trophy requirements for playing as a counselor and jason. I wouldn't call the game dead yet but those players have the right idea, there is no in releasing the game on switch in its current status and with the game being tied up by the lawsuit. They are only asking for more disappointed fans even ones feeling ripped off, not the wisest business decision that the team has made if you ask me. All in all under its current unexperienced development team I doubt we will get any significant changes to the game.
  10. Seeing how this game is dying, I think the Dev teams should implement this before the game fully dies out.
  11. The devs do keep doing more harm than good in their recent patches. They should focus on lowering the trophy requirements and other small things before this game dies.
  12. Consequences that were easily forseeable and avoidable, yet nothing was done about them so now the game suffers and all the gamers suffer because of it.
  13. In the very insulting manner: yea this game is "REAL SPECIAL" all right. A very bugged and lackluster game at start led by a inexperienced development team. I can see why it's so special.
  14. I was rather using is own quote there in the word. From what I read Gun only had the idea that the license holder (not Victor miller i think that's his name) agreed with for a game, there were other developers wanting to do a Friday the 13th game. Seeing how the game turned out I would've rather see on of those other developers make their Friday the 13th game than get the game we have now. Also I believe with the lawsuit and with the lack of experience the team has I doubt we will ever see the game to being "real special"
  15. Thanks to the lawsuit the lifespan of the game got shorter so they could at least help the players before the servers get killed and let everyone get a feeling of achievement from the game by lowering the insane grinding requirements.
  16. Insane grinds are not fun for anyone especially in this game and hown the state of it has been. Right now this is on their same level of priorities to do ever since the lawsuit happened. Before the lawsuit: add new content to make the game more enjoyable, while the lawsuit is still happening: fix minor tweaks to the game and whatever we possibly can.
  17. But this is a video game and for a development team that makes videos games they can either make or break you. Also don't imply that this game will become one of the best video games, because with how much progress has happened in the game, the state of the game will be as on of the best games. Also the "best products" had more capable staff behind them.
  18. Making such bots have been done before by other developers and a lot of games are filled with such bots. Whatever team or company these individuals (the people that make up the development team) were part of before they joined the company that made this game, they should've stayed there to gain more experience in programming. I believe that under a different development team that this game would've fared better, have more enjoyable content and overall a more enjoyable experience.
  19. Great Illfonic is going to make another terrible game then. I don't trust them with making video games, they just need to shut down.
  20. The game developers were not clearly thinking straight when they made the trophies, on release the game wasn't enjoyable enough to go the full 1000 matches for the trophies and it still isn't. I agree the requirements should be 50 to 100 matches and currently with the game on life support right now that would be a very good decision to do.
  21. If that's the case then the game shouldn't have made in the first place or a more competent developer should've handled the game cause judging from the gameplay and the concept of the game is just TOO AMBITIOUS of the game's developer. As is the game should only be sold around ten dollars and only be sold as a digital only game.
  22. It's fun and all being able to play as Jason and go around murdering the campers but for single player that got old really fast. It’s great you updated the camper AI but it would be more interesting if we could play as the campers instead of just being Jason for single player. The game would actually be worth playing more if this idea happens because there are many gamers who don't have a subscription to xbox live or the playstation network and instead they play games for their single player content. My thoughts on the game after I bought and played it was that I should return it and get my money back. Hopefully you guys (the team that handles the game) read this and make this idea happen.
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