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  1. Wanted to let you know that we're still going strong and wanted to share our latest trailer with you all! Features C.J. Graham as Elias Voorhees, Steve Dash as Sherrif Realotti. With the music of Harry Manfredinni. Hope you enjoy!
  2. We have some very exciting news to share with you. We have been a little quiet lately because of some groundbreaking, behind the scenes developments that we have secured. We wanted to share this exciting news with none other than our loyal backers such as yourself. First! We have listened to all the feedback and are overwhelmed with the positive response to what we have shown so far. The fan input we received the most on the Mythos project has been to make this a feature length film. Well, we are excited to say we listened and we are delivering. Our film will become a feature length presentation in the form of a three part series. We have been in negotiations with an award winning writer who is expanding the story as we speak. Producing a feature length film is very different from a short film. The format, dialog, the pacing is all created very differently. So with that in mind we want to announce that Mythos is going through major reshoots and will now becomeā€¦ "Friday the 13th- Vengeance" Another reason for the story expansion is the inclusion of a well-known Friday the 13th actor which you saw us tease out on July 13th. Actor C.J. Graham, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 6 has joined us. He has signed on to play the highly anticipated role of Elias Voorhees, Jason's father. In addition, these changes have caught the eye of other major actors and professional filmmakers who are very supportive and in contract negotiations with us at the moment. We will release more exciting information once the details are worked out and become official. The new title and expanded story also comes with a new, unique design for our Jason Voorhees. We are beyond excited to show the world our new Jason when the time comes. We feel this look will be iconic for fans and future films to come. This dark, unique yet familiar design is only matched by his relentless brutality and delivers on the film's title, Vengeance. Filming picks up again this August and will continue through March 2019 with a release shortly after. With these changes we will also be launching a new Vengeance themed crowd funding campaign.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the fantastic support, and talking about us. I really appreciate all your feedback and kind words. As a thank you, we did a fun parody, you'll want to give it a peek!
  4. Hey guys, pretty excited to share this with you, here is our new, more brutal and more bloody trailer! Enjoy!
  5. Thank you so very much sfosterjr, with fans backing us, we'll be able to get it out there. Badass we actually got a lot of feedback from fans wanting closer to a feature length, so that's what we're looking to do now. Obviously going a feature is a big challenge, one we're going to need a lot of fan backing on. We're doing our own thing, Never Hike Alone is Vincente's unique vision, we have our own vision.
  6. Hey @Truth forgive the delay in responding, had some personal issues come up that required my full attention, as for sharing specifics, I can't. I mean you're the guy who won't watch the trailer, why would I give that away? Lol... Glad you like the kill! @jameson87 thank you, anything helps at this point. Part 6 is my favorite as well, and our film picks up about 30 years after, staying in the Part 6 storyline. Tommy and Megan are married now with a daughter. The film will explain why Jason still looks like Part 6 Jason, don't want to give anything away.
  7. So been working hard on a Jason trailer, and we've also updated the perks a bit. Come give us another peek, there's no quit in us! We've worked out a deal with two of the ladies in the film, whom are also adult film stars, that we're going to get their head and torso's created and you fine people can expect that perk to be included soon enough so you can own them. They will be props actually used in the film and the ladies would be happy to sign them on a non-visual area if you would like. We've also heard the feedback and the cast and crew are ready, we're going feature on this one, and we're after some of the original actors, so there's something to look forward to. We just need your guys help, we've pretty much almost exhausted every penny we have into getting this thing made, need your help now, click the link below and pitch in, every bit helps! Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film - Indiegogo Link
  8. A very kind thing to say, thank you Radikal, we're working hard for you guys here. Got some crazy awesome things coming up as well. A trailer dedicated to no one but Jason.
  9. Ok everyone, as promised...The kill, we have lovingly called it "Getting a head in life" Click Here To Watch "Getting A Head in Life"
  10. We'll share it here for you guys and gals as well!
  11. We're not posting on Twitter, we're posting it on Instagram.
  12. Just wanted to announce that we spent the last week in Seattle designing kills for a new trailer, and a special kill just for Instagram followers, if you haven't already, follow us on https://www.instagram.com/brownspacefilms/ The kill is pretty brutal, so hope you got strong stomachs. We'll be showing it at 5pm MST
  13. Slasher and Red, thank you, truly appreciate it. Look us up on Instagram. You'll see our Jason is idolizing CJ and Kane all in one go.
  14. I'm sorry the fasn are dealing with the whole battle right now, just because I'm out here making a film, don't let me fool you, it's hurting me too. This is the most important franchise in my life, as not only a filmmaker but as a fan. Nothing worse than what's going on right now. Mythos isn't some weird attempt to exploit fans, it's an honoring, a love for this franchise, a love for making films. I don't get to stand on a platform for you guys to judge me, but if I could, I would say, I love Friday the 13th, I love Nightmare on Elm Street, I love Halloween. My roots are buried deep, to you who doubt what we're doing, let me just say, there's no one more in love with Friday than a guy that works 7 days a week
  15. Thanks for your faith in us @Truth we will make sure your faith is justified. @F134Ever86 we are basing it on a world where Tommy and Megan got together after the events of Part 6 and had a child. Their child is Angelica Jarvis, and she's stepping into her father's footsteps. Which if you watch the trailer, you'll notice it's part 6 Jason.
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