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  1. You're welcome. My thoughts are they did an excellent job fixing sliding. It's finally gone. 👍😎👍 However the negative effect on CS seems to have been overkill. It definitely doesn't need to be there in it's current form. I'm not saying the walk out part wouldn't have to remain, but the delay could definitely go altogether or in the least be greatly reduced without any risk of bringing sliding back. Again, I am working on proving this.
  2. The visual bug wasn't necessarily the reason anyone used sliding. The counselor would only "disappear" if their ping was lower than Jason's. To a host Jason or lower ping off host Jason, the counselors simply looked like they were running around the map without stopping. Which brings us to the actual reason for sliding. Since you were effectively performing two actions at the same time (swinging and running), the game registered it as a swing that couldn't connect and the counselor was free to move around at a running pace for the duration of the swing. Another side effect was the stamina drain from sprinting was paused from the weapon swing for the full duration of the swing. This meant as long as you were sliding around the map swinging, you weren't draining stamina.
  3. They don't revert patches. Ofc that's not to say that the delay really needs to be there or possibly even the walk out on exit. It may be too little too late, but I'm working on testing to prove it. In the meantime, the workaround for walk out on CS exit is to exit CS during the swing animation. That will skip the walk out part. Try using combat stance as counselor. You'll quickly see what everyone is talking about.
  4. I don't know and I really don't care at this point. I'm not going to get my hopes up on one specific horror franchise only to possibly get let down later. Too soon to say...
  5. Wishful thinking on the part of exploiters so far. I know people with macros that haven't been able to pull off sliding yet post patch. I'm not saying it's officially gone, but it seems like it is.
  6. @mattshotcha can you please explain to me why host Jason combat stance is delayed but off host Jason combat stance isn't. Why is there a delay in Jason combat stance at all? It makes absolutely zero sense.
  7. I've never heard of that one. Not even as just a PC thing. Idk why this is so hard for people to grasp... Well, here's to hoping I don't have to come back here for a post patch report on sliding still working. I can't wait to try out combat stance. Sounds like it'll be better than what we have now.
  8. Holy crap, really? Mitchs and Shellys? No dupes counselor list for really good J's? 🤔 So... Nessa: runner/support/repair Chad: runner/support/driver Vicky: repair/driver/support Fox: repair Kenny: repair Adam: repair and either no fear Jenny: support/driver or Deb: repair for the 7th counselor. Doesn't really matter which one. This is what most tournament/league teams will use for top tier J's. Depending on your needs, you could probably swap out Adam and run Jenny and Deb, or swap in a Tiff if you thought you needed another runner. But that's a good start for giving a top J a run for his money, assuming the players are all highly skilled and communication is good.
  9. I'd be surprised if whatever they make plays anything like Friday. But yeah, I don't think it'll be Halloween.
  10. I platinumed awhile ago and have 2.6 million CP. There's nothing keeping me in a boring lobby after I die. I'll wait to see if I'm Tommy, and if not, I bounce to the next lobby. I'm only there to play Jason or waste as much of Jason's time as possible. Beyond that there's really no reason to play anymore.
  11. You want higher odds of success as counselor? Play with better players. But either way it should never be 50% odds of escape. 1-2 survivors out of 8 would be plenty. Bullshit. Maybe if they're only playing in groups of skilled counselors against unskilled Jason's. Otherwise they more than likely belong to the group that rage quits when they get grabbed and claim they didn't die.
  12. That's just an animation. As long as you're holding block you're not taking full damage. I'm not sure what block damage is anymore tbh. It's hard to tell damage values with mask RNG. I'm not even sure if there is block damage anymore. I had Buggzy break every weapon on Pack small on me in post mask buff block testing and I was never demasked. I'm not sure if you were actually blocking since you were stun locked. I guess the safest way to test would be to take hits from a heavy machete in block then stand in traps til demask. Base defense Jason's will be demasked on the 10th trap. Base defense has 100 hit points. That's 10 hit points per trap. Start with 1 hit, then trap to demask. Then go to two heavies, then trap to demask. Continue until you either break 3 machetes and still demask on 10, or you demask on 9 traps. If there's any block damage at all, it will show.
  13. Just because it was "leaked" in an F13 FB group doesn't mean it's true. But still if it's true, and they used Hodder for the Myers mocap, then it'll never be the fan favorite that F13 is.
  14. There's supposed to be one more patch coming up.
  15. No not that I'm aware of. Check any campsite you're close to. There's certain picnic tables on Pinehurst, Crystal, Higgins, and Pack that can spawn PKs as well. Also, if there's a boat house on Pack small, one can spawn on the shelf in the northeast corner.
  16. There's one pk on every map. The other two randomly spawn in drawers.
  17. Yeah well Xbox and regular Ps4 barely work with a full lobby now. Could you imagine hosting Pack large with 20 players on Xbox? Your frame rate would be 1...😂😂😂
  18. Combat stance delay going away then, I hope?
  19. They get caught in a loop, not unlike the one where they open and close the same door. In and out of a broken window until they die. It happens 🤷‍♀️
  20. If they make a Halloween game and use Kane Hodder for Michael Myers mocap they're going to have a lot of pissed off fans. From the sound of it, whatever it was it was scrapped anyway...
  21. Standing stun and from melee only. And the difference between one strength and ten is a few seconds. Did you have anything new to add?
  22. Host the lobby yourself. It's easy to get host on console. Create a party. Start searching for a match. Bring up your "invite players" list. Wait with that list up for 2-3 minutes (you should still be able to see the timer in the top right corner). Close list. Within 30 seconds it should dump you into your own lobby. Then wait for players to show up. If nobody joins within 5 minutes or so the lobby might be broken. Close it and repeat the process. If your internet isn't good enough, you might not be able to host. If you're having trouble with frame lag, avoid big maps. Pack large is the worst for frame lag. Jarvis usually plays pretty well though. And all the small maps should be ok.
  23. Savini is second best. Part 3 can run and also has weapon strength. Plus part 3 isn't a slug in the water. Plus shift is ok, but if you miss, there's plenty of time to regain stam.
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