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  1. Thick, medic, nerves, and hypo. In that order. All other perks are situational or useless.
  2. I won't play a Smurf account unless it has medic and thick skin. They're not that hard to get. Play challenges, roll some perks, and you're usually good to go. If not, dump the account and start over.
  3. Because block damage is minimal, but not zero. You can still demask in block. There's 2 shotguns on every map. Tommy will spawn in with one. 3 close range shots and a wake up hit or two from Tommy is all it takes. There's also flare guns and firecrackers. Any stun will allow for a well timed wake up hit to cause mask damage on even the best quick block Jason's. That's why they don't just stand there in block...
  4. I'm sure you're breaking their hearts with your bad review four years later... The hacked lobby thing does sound shitty tbh tho.
  5. For future reference, you can hit him as many times as you can before he taps out, and all hits count towards the demask. And as long as the demask registers as a stun, you can still drop him to his knees. But the catch is that the mask RNG still applies while he's stunned by the sweater. So use it at your own risk.
  6. Yeah after I tested it to death and figured out why it wouldn't work for those of us that don't run sucker punch. See, the demasking hit has to be a stun. If it's not, nothing happens on the swing after. Add onto that the fact that it was patched out when they fixed the shotgun dropping Jason to his knees, and you would see why I had my doubts. Glad to know I'm under your skin so far that you had to make an entire thread anonymously calling me out months after the fact tho. Hope I'm the last thing on your mind before you go to bed at night... Sweet dreams pumpkin 😘
  7. I should change my name apparently. Does have a nice ring to it... Cosby (stun, demask, drop, kill) comes and goes. Just like any other glitch in this game... I hear big weapons are making yet another comeback too. Edit: I killed a J on Pack roof once. Re-edit: I killed a 150 Savini J by myself playing on both of my Ps4s at the same time. That was pretty intense too. This list could get pretty long...
  8. Yeah body slam. I'm not sure which are the slowest. Some of the spear kills are pretty slow.
  9. Use the tower guide. It shows everything on Rydogs guide plus the odds of tower location, but for ALL maps. Minus possible shotgun spawn points ofc, but that's hardly important anyway. Good luck remembering it all though. I think there's 5 different possible phone house spawn locations for Higgins small alone.
  10. No. I like it much better when Tommy runs away from me and the demasked Jason and hides under a bed, holding onto his shotgun like it's made out of gold... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  11. Rydogs guide is outdated and doesn't include all maps. I'd use Tommy86s tower guide for map layouts. It's much more detailed. Still though, none will show you part spawns. The only way to get a good idea where to look for parts is to play the game. For most maps, the parts will spawn fairly close to their designated objective. Jarvis and Pinehurst are the hardest, as the parts will spawn much farther away.
  12. Pinehurst is easy to find the phone/fuse but all other parts can be anywhere. It takes me 15 minutes solo as Vanessa to find everything on that map. The easiest maps for escape are the small maps. Higgins, Crystal, then Pack. Easiest large map to escape is probably Crystal. Pack large, Pinehurst, and Jarvis are good kill maps. Really easy to determine shack locations and plenty of goodies if you know where to look. Higgins large is pretty balanced tho.
  13. If you catch them right you can knock limbs off https://youtu.be/DR_hNpuW0rQ
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