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  1. There's a glitch or bug where if you are not host and you are Jason your knives freeze up and your blocking is delayed ....but when you are host and your Jason everything works like it should
  2. Yea I know those numbers are very bad for pc especially
  3. It's a shame they lost alot of people on all platforms don't want this game to die
  4. Any news on when it's coming these bugs are very very bad especially the med spray not working
  5. I'm Craig I play on ps4 I also stream my stream name on twich is evilcraig with 9 6s my own is EvilCraig666 and I love this game despite the bugs
  6. No it was never marked it should if been from the beginning though
  7. Fine the ELECTRIC BOX that controls Tommy call and lock it down can't kill Jason if they can't call Tommy 2 things need to happen in this game one increase Jason's health so it takes more then 1 or 2 hits with machete 2 have the tommy call cabin listed on Jason's map or the ELECTRIC BOX that controls that cabin less Jason's will die
  8. I think Jason's hp should be increase because the way the game is now 2 hits sometimes 1 hit from a bugzy his mask comes off now you can get the mask off with shot guns and bear traps it seems after every update he's getting weaker and weaker and counclors are getting stronger and don't fear Jason anymore it has become kill Jason first if it doesn't happen then escape and alot of people I know use to have there preference to Jason now it's on counclors they say trolling Jason is more fun and I can't blame them # make Jason strong again
  9. If you want to see less Jason's deaths and more of a threat from Jason I think the tommy house or the ELECTRIC BOX that controls the Tommy call should be on Jason's map it would be a huge game changer and its part of the objective everything else for Jason is marked I played in Friday the 13th tournaments where I new the other team was trying to kill me I went 23 and 3 the times I died they were able to get the call off the other times I either found the house or it just too them to long to call Tommy I think it should be in the game thank you
  10. I played in tournaments as a Jason where teams had to kill Jason I went 23 and 3 and the only time I died was they got Tommy called all the other times I found the box that was controlling Tommy or just took them to long to call Tommy cause face it if the right player is Tommy and he' called and your mask is off your dead don' matter how good of a Jason u are with the right team any Jason can be stopped
  11. I think Jason's hp should be increase the way the game is now with the right perks 2 hits with a machete his mask is off part 8 don't even need a machete just 3 shot guns you can take his mask off with bear traps too .....i thought jason is supose to be feared but if they would increase hp by double it would take longer to get his mask off cause with the game the way it is escaping is optional killing jason is first and with all these players playing as Jason dying all the time they are switching there preference as counclor
  12. If you want Jason's to live longer and see less deaths on Jason's then Tommy house should be located on Jason's map so that would indicate him to know which power box to destroy after all that is part of a objective but the house and box are random for all maps.....i think it would be a cool idea to have in game thank you
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