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  1. I've thought of that before. I always feel uneasy about selling my unwanted perks because it's easy to make a catastrophic error. Not sure how I forgot to include that. The ability to upgrade perks you already own is something I've seen brought up before. It would be awesome, but I wanted to throw out some other ideas.
  2. I'd rather get MKX Jason as his own character. Then we could get the alternate skin from the game as an alt for him as well. Not to mention we could get his MK Fatalities.
  3. That's why I specified that it would only apply to directly inferior or equivalent perks in the last sentence of the first paragraph of my post. For example, if you have a Grease Monkey with -12% car start time/+9% boat start time, and you roll a Grease Monkey with -11% car start time/+1% boat start time, it would be up to the player to choose decide which one is better. Or maybe they could hold onto both, which is why I also mentioned having 50 perk slots, which is 5 more than is necessary to have 1 of each perk. I stated that it would ideally be an optional feature. Perhaps a toggle to enable/disable the feature could be found on the perk page. I don't believe I stated this outright, but the idea would be that this feature would only apply as you roll a new perk. If you're holding onto an old perk, you wouldn't be prompted to sell it.
  4. I find the perk buying and selling system currently available to be a little clunky. This is especially frustrating once you've reached the point where you only hold onto rare or higher perks, and you find yourself selling back 99% of the perks you roll. One thing that would help expedite the process of selling back unwanted perks is an automated selling option for obsolete perks. If you have a directly superior or identical version of a perk you just rolled, an auto-selling feature could instantly credit the CP back to your account without you having to go in to manually do it yourself. This feature wouldn't apply to a perk that has a higher positive stat, but also comes with a higher negative stat, or vice versa. Another thing that I'd like to see, which I'm sure has been brought up plenty before, is an increase in the amount of perks you can own. With 45 different types of perks in the game, being able to hold a total of 50 perks would allow you to hold onto your best of each perk, as well as any alternates with better +/worse - and vice versa.
  5. I appreciate the random select option for counselors, Jasons, and maps, but there's more that can be done. I've always enjoyed the element of chance that comes with spawning as a random character with random abilities, which makes the player have to adapt to unforeseen circumstances in each match. It adds to the game, and the devs don't even have to actually add new content to the game. Here's what we don't have yet: * Random skins for Jasons * Random grab kills for Jasons * Random costumes for counselors * Random clothing colors for counselors * Random perks for counselors I'm not level 113, so I don't know if you can randomly select a weapon for Jason, but that should be an option too if it isn't already.
  6. I couldn't agree more. It's one thing if a cutscene is acting as a loading screen, but that's clearly not the case here.
  7. Even if it's not guaranteed, being able to pay a lot of CP for a chance at improving a perk would be awesome.
  8. You basically covered all of the remaining Jasons, aside from Part I (which would be amusing) or Mortal Kombat X Jason. I'd like to see the NES palette added as a skin for each of the Jasons. I saw the Savini Jason with the NES look due to a bug in the new update, and it was pretty awesome. Aside from Jasons, we could of course get Pamela Voorhees, which would be pretty awesome. They'd need to change her up to make her appropriate though. Seeing that little old lady holding counselors up by the throat with one hand would be hilarious though. Speaking of changing things up, does anybody else want the Pamela Voorhees voice to be altered or removed when playing as Roy? Either keep it silent, or have Roy's inner monologue or the voice of his son play instead.
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