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  1. And I’d imagine killing the whole lobby happens far more often
  2. It’s amazing the lengths you guys go to trying to convince the devs it so easy to kill him lol give it a rest already
  3. So are you saying it’s easier then any other method of survival? I seen day one players escaped far more
  4. I think this whole non sense started with someone saying it’s easier to kill him then escape so you think all these average players would just kill him seeing as it’s so “easy”
  5. What about just your average player? Like the majority of the player base? I’m guessing u have logged countless hours just like the othe 10 people complaining
  6. Well I’ve had the game since launch and it’s not common sense
  7. I never said I was great at this game. The majority of players on this game are just normal people who Like to play here and there, it seems that’s what they are trying to balance the game on. They added a whole bunch of options to make the game easier or harder in private match is that not where these “league players” play
  8. Well I’m sure myself along with almost every player has escaped or survived a vast number of time more then we have killed Jason, if it was “easier” those numbers would be reversed. You and a few other people have said it enough time that you want the kill to be harder but this is just silly
  9. Anyone with some common sense knows that’s false
  10. So you have only died in 3% of you matches and you say it’s easier to kill him then escape? So they must escape less then 3% of the time?
  11. I agree totally but we all know that won’t happen, “it’s gotta be out in wild for awhile before any adjustments are made”
  12. Let’s hope not enough people left after the rage update, how many buffs can you give Jason before it’s to much? Killing him is the only thing you can really do know instead of running around a table for 10 min. For something that the community is still divided on how likely are we to see some tweaks to that Rage crap?
  13. Hopefully he has read thru the “how many times have you died as Jason” thread and seen the majority of the people complaining it’s to easy are in there bragging how little they have been killed
  14. I never got a chance to comment in the last thread though I do love that fact of Matt called you and dontzzz for being babies, you guys dont speak for everyone ask much as you think you do
  15. Um have you happened to look at countries like Italy and the death toll there? I’d say it’s a bit worse the sars and h1n1
  16. Do you have proof of those numbers? Please post it when you have a min. Back to the topic that I was actually asking about @mattshotcha is it a possibility to have the “rage buff” removed as an option in private match so all the people that hate it can play and enjoy the game again?
  17. You do know I meant as a private match option right, why does that bother you so much
  18. Ok I won’t I would hate to start sounding like you whining about how Easy the kill is
  19. Why is there no “disable rage buff” mode? Don’t want people to see how much better it was? For something that is considered 50/50 on the dislike to like ratio
  20. And here is on of the problems with today’s society, how the fuck is that harassment
  21. This is wrong, muting works both ways just like every game
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