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  1. Anytime I'm in a lobby of teamers I'll take the 4 seater by myself and leave. I love finding a good lobby of players who actually play though but as soon as I see teamers I Chad everything.
  2. Hey everyone. Out of the game and the movies which Jason do you think was best at sneaking around?
  3. Hey everyone. Obbiously there isnt an exact one but I don't have Savini Jason but was wondering which Jason is similar to Savini Jason?
  4. Hey everyone. I know there isn't a new movie coming out anytime soon. There however have been some decent fan films though. The movies in my opinion were always fun and not really scary except when I was younger. Anyways my question is, How could you make Friday the 13th scary or creepy?
  5. Hey. I know we aren't getting new content because of the current situation but once that's settled is it possible we could get some? Also what would you like to see if you could have any new content?
  6. Im glad to hear im not the only one. Ive been tweeting to them for days. Hopefully they come through
  7. Every time i get to the title screen it crashes. Any advice and is anyone else going through this?
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