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  1. I think it might have something to do with a certain amount of twitter users who retweet or like a particular post on the official Friday the 13th the game twitter page get free kill packs and other stuff.
  2. Tbh this tweet mildly annoyed me, it came across as a rather trite and obnoxious attempt at an answer. ? What i mean to say is rather than clarifying things like, "We'll give you guys an update once we've personally managed to work things out" or "Right now we're just as unsure of what this might mean for the game as you are" they go for the usual. Personally, i'm not getting my hopes up, since Miller winning the first round i've believed that GUN wouldn't go back to this game. A bit maudlin i know, but i've no real hopes for seeing new content or the existing content being released
  3. Tbh it isn't the first time they've been late with an announcement. I'm expecting the announcement itself to just be a repitition of what we've already had, with more flowery platitudes like "we know you guys love this game" and "we were hoping too"
  4. Spose that is one way of going about it, i just don't see the point in charging in when everyones crowding round the same objective, if they know what they're doing they can stun you again as soon as you come out of stun.
  5. noone believing him about Jason, being sent to to asylums across America including the asylum Micheal Myers was sent to and an Asylum thats near the swamps that Victor Crowley haunts before being sent to and hunted by Freddy at Westin Hills, doesn't sound like a happy end for Tommy if i'm being honest?.
  6. Yup, all i'm going to do is frustrate myself if i charge in when there is 4 or 5 people surrounding the car armed to the teeth with baseball bats or lead pipes. Don't get me wrong, if there's slightly less people there i'll go in for the kill, but when you have nearly all the players at a car just waiting for you to pop in, that's going to get you nowhere, or the quickest de-mask ever. Also i like how you quoted only me saying i let them repair it and didn't include what i actually do once they have repaired said objectives? All in all, i do feel Jason is unequiped to deal with certain players with the right perks combined with the new grab that leaves you open for far to long. I get the feeling the devs liked the new grab for cinematic purposes(i,e single player mode) and didn't think how it would affect the multiplayer.
  7. In my experience playing the game, yes. Theres plenty of times someones strayed away and you can kill them before teammates can get to them. In regards to the car i generally just let them repair it if they're crowded round the fixer like a Roman Phalanx, then before they start it or after i've crashed the car, i just slash anyone who gets out and trap the car up. When it comes to the phone, just let them repair it and when they go to use the phone, smash the box, rinse and repeat till they ragequit or get tired
  8. Tbh if a whole bunch off players start the Pinata Party i just teleport a good distance away so the chase music stops, activate Stealth and Sense and start picking them off with the aid of Shift, there will always be someone who strays just a little too far away or thinks you have actually buggered off, then you can either grab and kill quick, or start slashing if you think you can off them.
  9. I'm one of those people that is fascinated by the game Lore-wise, it's quite a read when you go through Killer/survivor backstories and so on, but i absolutely detest the gameplay. That said, i'm not one hundred percent sure how Ghostface would work in DBD, i have seen some people suggest Ghostface could be an impersonator type killer, pretends to be a survivor to get close, but other than that wouldn't he just be a vanilla The Pig or Michael? Stabby McStab-Stab?
  10. Ah that did always confuse me, the tapes saying Jason wasn't Elias's son, when you take into account Part 9 and the Kimbles. Personally, i don't mind Jason being resurrected somehow by the Book of the Dead, just not him specifically being a Deadite since none of the Phenomena associated with the Deadites really occur when Jasons on the prowl. I take it any controversy with the Tommy Tapes is aimed at Tommy not getting anything approaching a happy ending in them?
  11. Just out of curiosity, how where the Tapes controversial? Actually curious on this point.
  12. I'm generally a Part 9 with Machete user, started off using him because nobody else seemed to, now i quite like him. I'll generally switch to Part 3 or Part 5 if i get the chance though
  13. Hellraiser-10/10 Brilliant mix of Gothic Horror, Tragedy and human Drama, gorgeous score, great acting and the entrance of a new horror icon Pinhead/Lead Cenobite/Hell Priest, whichever you prefer Army of Darkness-8.5/10 The more overt humour, compared to the previous entry, became a little jarring at times, but ultimately an enjoyable watch. On a side note i prefered the theatrical ending with Ash back in his own time A Nightmare on Elm Street 6- 5/10 The decision to go for a lighter and softer approach for what was meant to be the final entry in the series was a misstep and the ending was so sudden and smug it made me cringe, but i did enjoy the darker more serious scenes, largely between Freddy and Katherine, shout out to both the flashback to Freddy killing his wife, the serene quality mixed with the horrific aspect of Freddy bashing his wifes skull in and his young Daughter crying is chilling and the "Every town has an elm street" scene. Ultimately this should have been a somewhat more serious entry if it was intended to be the last but whats done is done.
  14. Just like to add to this, slightly unrelated as it may be, it had me laughing non stop. Me and a mate of mine jumped into a lobby, started up the Higgins Haven Map... Intro cutscene has Part 6 Jason coloured purple, Retro and 6's gloves fazing in and out of each other, with Part 9's bare forehead clipping through the Part 3 Mask. Didn't think to get evidence of this cus i was laughing so much! On a related note, this issue been happening with me too, always a Tiffany mainer came in as Mitch or Jenny. I just want so much for Councillors to start spawning in with each others clothes, the possibilities are hilariously annoying
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