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  1. Weird because I’ve never seen it on mine. Plus on mine there have been added decorations inside the cabins (cork boards and tables with games and beer bottles on them)
  2. So I’ve never noticed this before. I thought they said that they were not even aloud to add a single rock. Not a single thing to the game until the lawsuit is over. Well I just played a round on Higgins Haven small and the little area where Jason’s cabin sometimes is (across the lake by the grave yard) there is now a small clearing down a hill with four-five picnic tables in a circle with various weapons on them. I’ve NEVER seen this any of my games up until the latest update. Anybody else find this spot? Is that not a change that they said they could NOT make?
  3. The past two nights, every fucking game I try to play has timed out. Wtf is going on? It’s never been this bad before for me.
  4. Legit have played one single FULL game in 3 1/2 hours. Every single game besides ONE has timed out with “connection to host lost”. It has never been this bad for me in the past! Maybe once or twice...but every fucking game is downright ridiculous.
  5. Favorite: Vacation Cabin alot people said they had trouble with this one, but I blew through it with ease. This one had the most references to me and were amazing; the raft, the corkscrew, killing Chad watching the movie. Just a really fun level. Not too complicated but still challenging and very enjoyable. Least Favorite: Strip Poker this one, in my opinion, was the hardest challenge. Time is everything. You have to be quick and fast and precise. It was hard to have fun with this level considering that any single wrong move and it all comes down in seconds. I played this level for hours and finally beat it. But work have yet to get the three skulls as Jason 8.
  6. I’d love for them to do a full story mode with the next single player challenges. It would have been perfect to start with Buggzy and Adam repairing the car and then the next challenges take place at the party. Like: Challenge One: kill Buggzy and Adam while trying to get to the party. Challenge Two: at the party, kill Tiffany and Chad. Challenge Three: kill AJ and Kenny while doing it. Like a consecutive challenge story mode that wraps all together. That’d be really cool and a nice cinematic type experience. Like a create your own friday story kind of.
  7. Finally passed it on my first try! Thank you everyone for the help!
  8. Thank you for the detailed description! Gonna try this again for sure...tomorrow. I can’t take any more frustration tonight ?
  9. The problem is getting the two consecutive skulls in one match. It’s impossible for me and I can’t seem to figure it out
  10. The main problem I am having is getting the two skulls in one consecutive match. I’ve completed all the tasks except for the 3 skulls as Jason 8. All I need are the two skulls. I’ve tried every order. Every single time, someone sees me or finds a body. Maybe I’m just not fast enough? Lol but I have legit played this level for about 6 hours trying to get two skulls in one match. I’m about to ready to give up because there’s only so many times my controller will last being thrown across the room. Lol. I can get Buggzy and Kenny with ease. It’s after that when everything falls apart. Especially going back and forth between the shower house and the cabin and back and forth again and again. I think I get lost on the map. I know exactly where everyone is but I can’t remember exactly where each cabin they are in is located. That’s my biggest issue. The map.
  11. I’ve played this all day and still cannot get two skulls to move onto the next level. Anyone have any pointers? I’m so frustrated ?
  12. Smashing Kenny and AJ’s heads together: theyll eventually run to the exit. Hide in the woods. They will both stop in shock at Chad’s hanging body from the Crystal Lake sign. That’s when you attack in stalk mode behind them. Stop sign: kind of a game of luck. Pretty much have to catch on of them and carry them to the stop sign to acctivate a new kill.
  13. Hmmm. In mine they do. Buggzy goes to the cabin to get beer and then walks back and then Kenny comes to get beer at that same cabin. What’s hard is everyone is doing everything at the same time. As Buggzy is leaving, so is AJ. As Chad is going to find AJ, Kenny is going to the cabin to get beer. As Deb is in the archery, Vanessa is in the bathroom. I’ve been stuck on this level for like six hours and can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve tried everything. Not to sound like a bitch but there is too much going on in this one. Too many moving pieces. Once you get once piece there is instantly another. It’s like juggling. I can’t figure how to beat it ?
  14. You have to killer her while she is standing on the balcony.
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