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  1. If someone else made a thread like this please post the link here before closing this thread, thanks Wes said that even if the lawsuit be solved "in our side" they won't add new content like uber jason and grendel, but the only reason he gave us was: "this things with videogames doesn't work like all of you thought". Sorry Wes but this is not a real reason, is just an excuse, not a reason. Do you really think that we are gonna believe that in these kind of situations what is done is delete all the stuff you already had developed? Seriously you can not "press the pause button" and lay aside that content, and pick it up when it can be released? In case that you really can't do that, the "explanations" you gave are not enough, are very far from be enough
  2. the same with me yesterday. I played 3 hours and 0 jason games for me. My preference is set as jason too
  3. Please do not fix the rainbow blood, it is kinda funny ??
  4. not true. I'm watching a pc streaming and happened the same the OP has said.
  5. Yes, but the fact of having to restart the game every time would make many of them think a little more before quitting.
  6. same with me I NEVER quit and I'm still being matched with quitting hosts. I really think that salty points for host leaving count to everybody in the lobby.
  7. Only host and jason wouldn't be able to quit, the rest can quit whenever they want. It's only 2/8 players, I think that if you are a person who never quits you would never be affected by the fact that you cannot pause.
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