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  1. Since the past two weeks, the game now have more Bugs, like the escape count as suicide, when you repair the car's engine you are stuck there, the game ending earlier, "mixed" Jasons, random counselor and Jason, etc
  2. Now that the devs Will Focus on fix Bugs and glitches, can you do something about Jason vs groups? His slashes are a bit slow, the grab is slow, and is difficult to deal against 4 to 7 counselors, and in that way, Jason is very easy to defeat, i'm a very decent Jason, but is very hard to kill if you have the entire counselors chasing you
  3. Sorry for my ignorance, but i Think i read something like the process of this lawsuit start in July, so, is there any posibility that uber Jason can be release this month?
  4. so now we can expect some less stunt for Jason? Cuz he is weak as fuck,. A nerf for Vanessa and the match ending early?
  5. Yes i would support them, the mechanics in friday the 13th the game are better than dead by pallets, a Halloween game would be awesome, but i prefer an original title with their own killer or killers
  6. I'll still here supporting them, the game is awesome, (yes full of bugs, jason weak as fuck, slow grab animation) but the game is still awesome, and now they can focus on all those bugs and fix it, ill still play the game
  7. I'm lvl 75 and almost that lvl i reached playing as counselor because is very easy to kill Jason, all my teammates start to hit him till the mask fall, or he quit cuz the dance or teabag, i dont do that bucause is annoying
  8. Since i bough the game almost all the time when im Jason, 4 or the entire counselors start to chasing me, is very annoying in how Jason is a Joke in this game, and with the new grab is worse than ever, and if i hit a counselor he or she inmediatly hit me back, i get stunned and he use the spray, and that forever, being Jason really sucks, now i just play as counselor, and is the same story for almost every Jason i ve Seen in my matches
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