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  1. Sounds like you have anger issues, and banning those will get everyone banned, and the game will be 100% dead. How long have you been gaming, everyone teabags in most games that you can.
  2. Alright will do, didn't get a clip fast enough, in a split second they were gone, darn speed hackers Well I'm on steam, seems people are manipulating the files somehow to hack. Not saying there are none on console, but with youtube and reddit people learned to mess with the files on steam.
  3. Last I heard using exploits, hacks, racial, and sexual slurs were bannable, is anyone reporting them, because i see it more and more in each game. Do the devs even care anymore?
  4. So this happened to me last night, pardon my drunk babbling about Russian hackers. But as I watched them im like okies I do believe in fairies lol https://clips.twitch.tv/ConcernedNurturingFoxKAPOW
  5. Great the issue with the car is fixed, but how am I supposed to be Jason's uber driver now lmao.
  6. I don't give a crap about not getting new dlc or the spectator glitch, but let me have the ability to party with friends, so sick of being split up from friends. Sorry this needs to be fixed ASAP or people will stop playing all together. this shouldn't be a minor glitch its a damn major one.
  7. Yes, we get stuff done, but I am still going to play music through my mic and dance in the process. But the spectator glitch sucks, the whole not being able to join a lobby with a party, and oh the speed hackers we've encountered.
  8. Till they fix the bugs, I just feel like the only fun thing to do is go into a game, play music, and have a dance party. It's my form of protest to even play the game right.
  9. So trying to join a lobby with friends doesn't work as well as it used to. We keep getting our party disbanded. We still will play if we can play with our friends and we hope this glitch gets fixed soon.
  10. Anything on the party/boot bug, where we try and join a lobby but everyone gets booted?
  11. His full name is Thomas Mcguffin Jarvis, he's a time traveling space man, enough said.
  12. Come on, we all have them from the game, from just straight up weird to funny shots, including the weird Jason skins that are down right terrifying. Such as witchcraft Chad And toxic avenger Jason And extra eyes and nose jason
  13. We had a full party in the matchmaking, i think my net was just being a pain. I live in the country so sometimes it's annoying.
  14. I logged off before anything happened, I was just tied of being dropped from games or my net being sketchy.
  15. Nope hooked right up to the router, I just know I had to stop playing last night, every game I could see the connection Icon, and nothing else was being used, so I was like nope this is a little sketchy tonight.
  16. My net keeps dropping in a game, and booting me out, this keeps up I am going to end up in the mines.
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